Thursday, January 07, 2016

Intrepid House Party Vermont correspondent Maria Mambo on Trump's swing through Vermont (**UPDATED**)

Burlington, VT: 

Okay - so Trump rents out the Flynn Theater in Burlington to hold a rally tonight but they handed out close to 20,000 tickets and the Flynn holds a mere 1,400 !!! Now the city and police are scrambling to cover the event carefully with mucho police presence, shut down streets etc. at a whopping price for the people of Burlington to pay for. I think he should or his campaign promoters should be fined for creating a public safety event and pay for all this extra coverage.
There are lots of groups planning on protesting and it appears he has created another media event right here in Bernie's backyard. I personally hope and pray it does not get out of hand as it has created a very dangerous and volatile situation. A friend of ours is going with a group of Vietnam vets and there are already people there and it is close to 0 degrees out!!! YIKES !!!!!
Originally there was an underground movement of people who got tickets with the intention of not going and therefore leaving the seats empty so I guess the campaign promoters got wind of it and kaboom! I feel sorry for the people who manage the Flynn, it is scary to think that it might get ugly and is all the talk up here which will bring out the extremists for sure!

Thanks Mary Kaye and keep sending those reports!

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