Saturday, January 02, 2016

Making Stuffies (Stuffed Quahogs)

I've made Stuffies for my sister-in-law this weekend. I had brought some down to her before Christmas and they were a big hit so I decided to make a batch of them for her freezer. It's an easy recipe, not expensive, if you buy your clams at a fish market rather than a supermarket, and a nice afternoon project. I took a few photos but I don't think I've covered the whole process. However, I am including my recipe below as well. Make them... they're pretty tasty.

Note: you can top them with a small piece of uncooked bacon rather than butter before they go into the oven to cook. (Yum!)

Chop and sauté the veggies and add the cooked chorizo that you have chopped in the food processor

Give the quahogs a good scrub and steam with the wine and veggie trimmings until opened. Strain the steaming liquid through a cheesecloth-lined strainer and reserve for the stuffing. 

Take the meat out of the shells, separate the shells into two pieces. Lay out on sheet pans for stuffing.

Mix the stuffing ingredients with the crumbs. Add strained steaming juices to the stuffing.

Give the clams a good chop with a sharp knife and toss into the stuffing. Make sure you add any juices that accumulated in the bowl holding the clams. Watch out for sand or grit though... 

And there you go. Ready for the oven or the freezer. Do not spoil your work by dumping a lot of paprika on them like you see in the supermarket. 

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