Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oregon Militia: Stop sending us packages full of dicks!

In what could be the funniest turn of events in this whole Oregon militia/Federal Land standoff thing, if you can find humor in the complete lawlessness of these morons, is the their latest request for supplies from their 'followers'. The first bit of ridiculousness came when these ubermensch badass dudes, including Nutjob Jon Ritzheimer of the 'Draw Mohammad' cartoon contest in Arizona, went all the way to Oregon from Arizona, etc. to be all patriotic by taking over a Federal Wildlife refuge in support of some folks who didn't want, nor do they still want, any assistance from these crackpots. Next, in their 'patriotic' fervor, they ran off hurriedly, leaving sad messages to their loved ones  which became fodder for Twitter (#daddysworeanoath) and YouTube comedy.

Then these dopes realize that in their haste they forgot to bring food, water, or any other supplies for their seige. They put out calls for their patriotic followers to send them food and of all things 'snacks'. Snacks for heaven's sake! Not to mention that these anti-government dopes are asking you to send this stuff to them by US Mail! Last time I looked the US Postal Service was a government entity. This led to another fresh round of mockery on the Twitter and YouTube. Will these idiots never learn?

The answer to that question is apparently 'no'. This week they sent out a request for more supplies including tampons (yes, there are patriot ladies there), Miracle Whip (I guess they're having a deviled egg party), French vanilla coffee creamer (you wouldn't want them to have their coffee black would you?), throw rugs (are they decorating now?) and of course carpet slippers. The list is here.

In response to the latest request the Internet has responded by sending these dopes dildoes!. Not just one but dozens! Here is a story from JoeMyGod about this latest turn of events.

This just keeps getting better!

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