Friday, January 08, 2016

Trump update from Burlington, VT

Maria Mambo's reporting from The Northeast Kingdom:

Well.. after people waited in line literally all day, and there were plenty of them, Trump staffers questioned them at the door and if they said they were not a Trump supporter they were not allowed in. Word spread down the line and many lied to get in. When they spoke out in the theater, he had bouncers throw them out immediately and even told the bouncers to not give them their coats. There were more protesters outside by large numbers and every time someone got thrown out, the crowds would cheer as the ejected person walked out. MSNBC covered it live from a nearby pub with Howard Dean, Ben & Jerry and tons of Bernie supporters. The other networks don't touch it. But obviously this tactic has been used in other cities to get people there, whether for or against, and he can say 'Look how many people came out to see me?' Thank God all was peaceful but there is a lot of questions being asked as to how he got away with what he did and who the bouncers were. He is so frighteningly stupid! The parts I did watch all he did was talk about himself!

Thanks MKM for your reporting...

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