Sunday, August 28, 2016

This weekend's recipe: Kentucky Fried Chicken

As you may know the Colonel's secret recipe has been revealed. His blend of "11 herbs and spices" was divulged by a nephew of the Colonel's after he found a hand written copy of the recipe in a scrapbook of his mom's. It's been published everywhere and I will include it at the end of this post. I decided to make this myself last night and it went something like this:

As always, assemble your ingredients before you start.
Mise en place..
Add the herbs and spices to the flour in a bowl large
enough to accommodate 2 pieces of chicken
The result will be a ruddy colored flour with lots of fragrance
In a large bowl whisk together the egg
and 2 cups of the buttermilk 
Add the chicken pieces to the buttermilk mixture and let it sit
on the counter for 20-30 minutes to marinate

 Click the "Read More" link below for the recipe and the rest of the process

Add the reserved buttermilk to the crumbs and with your
fingers, rub the buttermilk into the flour mixture
The resulting coating should resemble damp sand.
Set this aside
Next, take your chicken pieces and after letting the
excess buttermilk marinade drip off, coat the pieces well,
pressing the coating to the chicken. Place on a wire rack over a
sheet pan and let rest for 20 minutes while heating the oil. 
Heat your oil to 350f and then place the chicken pieces
carefully in the hot oil. Cover the pan.  Regulate your burner to
keep the frying temperature at 315-330 degrees. If it gets
much hotter the coating doesn't taste right. 
After 4 minutes take the lid off of the pan and move the
chicken around to make sure it isn't stuck to the bottom
of the pan. Continue to cook for another 4-6 minutes.
At this point, turn the chicken over and continue to cook another
6-8 minutes. Make sure your oil is at the right temperature.  
Take the chicken out of the oil and drain on a rack over
paper towel. Take the chicken's temperature. It should
be 160 for white meat and 170 for dark. If it is not hot
enough, put it into a 300 degree oven until the
chicken is cooked through. 

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