Monday, August 22, 2005

Dinner with Katie & Thomas

My niece Katie and her husband Thomas have come to the Cape for a little visit, albeit at the worst possible time. Not for them, but for me. It is moving time as we are moving to Brewster in less than a week and the packing of the house has begun. The place is in an uproar (even more than usual). They arrived on Saturday afternoon and we took them to dinner at our favorite "chi-chi" restaurant The Red Pheasant in Dennis. I can tell you honestly that our dinner was superb. I won't bore you with the whole menu (except mine of course). I started with Seared Peppered Sirloin that was served cold with a lovely horseradish aioli and "pommes gaufrettes". Very nice. For dinner I had one of their old standards (not to say that it wasn't superb, of course), Sole Meuniere. I have that every now and again when I am not in the mood for their Rack of Lamb which I had had on Thursday night at Enzo. It is always delicious and served with gratineed potatoes and haricots verts (green beans). We enjoyed a bottle of Schramsburg Blanc de Noirs with our dinner and I had a Grand Marnier Creme Brulee for dessert. All told it was a terrific evening. Great to see the kids again (last time was at Buzzy and my wedding). They are here until Wednesday and I sure hope I get to see them again before they go. Buzzy said he would bring them around for lunch Tuesday and take them out for a rousing round of "putt-putt golf". Sorry I have to miss that!