Thursday, July 30, 2009

Organic Veggie-Topsy Turvy Tomato Update Wk 7

We did better this week at the organic farm. They had run out of field greens and I could've waited for them to harvest more but I decided to opt for more of another item. I chose to get more of the Swiss chard.

Here's what we got this week: 5 pounds of new potatoes, 2 summer squash, 1 bunch of green onions (scallions), 3 bunches of Swiss chard, a small head of cauliflower, 2 cucumbers, a head of cabbage, a bunch of cut flowers and 1 bunch each of cilantro and basil. Much better!

On the Topsy-Turvy Tomato front, I have included a little video of the plants so you could see how productive the plants are. The Roma especially is producing a lot of fruit. More buds have popped out on the heirloom plant so we should be seeing something on that plant soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sandwich Loonies

I don't know... there must be something in the water in Sandwich, MA or maybe the folks there are being exposed to radiation from the Military Reservation or something but boy, are there some nutjobs there. It seems that whenever some fool decides to write something to the Cape Cod Times' Letters section calling for taking away same-sex marriage rights or anything else that may have an alleged "liberal" spin on it, they are from Chatham, Barnstable (Osterville) or Sandwich, but primarily Sandwich. I suspect that it is because these towns have the highest concentrations of obscene wealth on the Cape and thus are more attuned to the Republican Party and their cadre of "me first, screw everyone else" Christianist xenophobes. During the same-sex marriage debate, a woman named Patricia Stebbins, a well-known local mental case, sent tome after tome to the Times foisting her message of God should rule in the USA and fags are the end of society as we know it, on the rest of us. Even now if you read the letters section of the Times you can almost guess from whence the nuttiest Conservative letter writers come. I suppose it is the same anywhere.

Anyway, I got a note from Tobin today with a couple of photos that show exactly what I am talking about. This idiot lives on Gully Lane in Sandwich (go by and take a look) and has placed President Obama's severed head (a fake) on his lamp post in front of his house. Imagine! A severed head! There is a sign under it that reads "Stupid". Perhaps the sign should point to the homeowner, a retired Boston cop. I suppose that he thinks it is funny. I think it points out that people with dementia need to be observed and that their caretakers should exercise a little more control over what they do in public. Take a look at these photos.

I hope the neighbors are happy...

Monday, July 27, 2009

If you needed any more reasons to believe that the Republicans are jus' plain nutz...

Anyone who calls themselves a Republican should hide their faces in shame. These are the people they elected to represent them in the US Congress and on the airwaves. If it weren't so horrifying it would be laughable.


Mike Stark has been up on the Hill all week whipping Democrats to hold fast on the public plan, and in his spare time, he decided to ask Republicans if Barack Obama was born in the United States. Not only do they not want to answer -- they run.

He asks Republicans Tom Price, Thaddeus McCotter, Jeff Fortenberry, Charles Boustany, Aaron Schock, Greg Harper, Mike Coffman and others what they think. Tim Murphy hides, looking at pens for 20 minutes to try and avoid him.

Mike and Brave New Films cameraman Brett Vauhn finally got Arizona congressman Trent Franks to admit without equivocation that Obama was born in the United States, and that his birth certificate is valid.

The video makes clear that the Republican Party is captive to their conspiracy theory-mongering base all the way up to the top.

Holy Crimes


Over the last seven days....

Indiana: Pastor Bernard Squires indicted for distributing child pornography.
New York: Pastor Samuel Solanky charged with defrauding investors of over $2M. Some of those Solanky ripped off knew him from his TV ministry.
California: Father Denis Lyons charged with four felony counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14. Lyons was charged with similar crimes several years ago but the charges were dismissed due to the statute of limitations. This pedophile priest has cost his diocese more than $4M in civil settlements since 2001.
Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill and his wife face 170 years in prison after being convicted of mortgage fraud. McGill used his radio ministry to invite listeners to enter a drawing to "win" his advice on real estate investment. He and his wife then stole over $1M from banks by using his followers as straw buyers for properties that the McGills already owned.
Alabama: Pastor Timothy Tillman charged with the 2005 murder of his wife and forging checks in her name
Arkansas: Televangelist Tony Alamo found guilty on ten counts of child molestation, rape, and sexual assaul
This week's winners:
New Jersey: Rabbi Saul Kassin, Rabbi Mordchai Fish, Rabbi Lavel Schwartz, Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim and Rabbi Edmund Nahum arrested for money laundering, selling human body parts, and selling counterfeit luxury goods. The complex schemes allegedly involve setting up ficticious charities so that accomplices could take tax deductions on the laundered cash. Anti-Semites on some internet forums are already making claims that the human organs were harvested from dead/murdered Palestinians.
These stellar human beings extol their flocks to deny basic rights and dignity to LGBT people on the grounds of "morality". Sickening!