Monday, June 06, 2011

And people think that Sarah Palin is an appropriate candidate for President??!!??

S. Palin, former 1/2-term governor of Alaska and airhead
As most of you know Sarah Palin gave a revisionist account of the Paul Revere story announcing that Mr. Revere warned the British that the American Colonists are armed and that they should not mess with us. The usual hubbub ensued with everyone pointing out that Ms. Palin is a complete idiot and an uneducated moron who shouldn't be let near a public office under any circumstances. Well, yesterday on the Sunday "Faux" News Channel, the fool doubled-down on the story saying that she wasn't wrong, that everyone else should be aware that it did happen the way she postulated. 

Flash forward to today:

Andrew Sullivan notes that supporters of Sarah Palin are trying to edit Paul Revere's Wikipedia page so that her gaffe appears to be historical fact. A Wikipedia editor says:
In the article on Paul Revere, someone has added false information in an effort to support Sarah Palin's FALSE claims about Paul Revere. "Accounts differ regarding the method of alerting the colonists; the generally accepted position is that the warnings were verbal in nature, although one disputed account suggested that Revere rang bells during his ride.[8][9]" This must be removed as it is a LIE designed to mislead.
It absolutely astonishes me to hear anyone speak of this woman as anything more than a media whore. Why the media is giving her so much credence is absurd.