Saturday, August 21, 2010

Provincetown Carnival Parade 2010 Video

Get it while it's hot!

Jeff Perry for Congress? Absolutely not!

Let's see...

Former Wareham Police Chief Thomas Joyce on passing over Perry for a promotion: “Perry had not been 100 percent truthful to me in the past.’’ Joyce also testified and that Perry had manipulated traffic signals remotely in order to catch drivers running red lights. 

Really nice responsible law enforcement officer. Lying to a superior and trapping motorists to pad his "quota". Disgraceful. Just what we need... another Republican liar who hates American drivers.

An officer under Perry’s supervision, Scott Flanagan, illegally strip-searched two minor teenage girls and that Perry mishandled the investigation into Flanagan’s conduct. Perry avoided charges in lawsuits filed by parents of the girls in both Flanagan cases, with one incident resulting in an out-of-court settlement and the other dissolving when a court ruled Perry was not present at the scene of the second incident. 

Perry and one of his police cronies allegedly attempted to "make this go away" by intimidating the parents of one of the UNDERAGE girls into keeping quiet about Flanagan getting a peek at this girl's breasts and "business". Disgusting! Just what we need... another Republican dolt who mishandles his responsibilities and tries to elude responsibility citing a failing memory or not responsible because he didn't see his subordinate's actions with his own eyes. That didn't stop him from attempting a cover up though.

Perry touted a diploma he received from a school that federal officials later determined to be a “diploma mill.” He claimed that he didn't know that the "school" was a diploma mill until someone told him later. 

He got a friggin' BA in business administration for reading a book and writing a paper... in a month! That's fine police work there Mr. Perry. Real sharp detectin'. On this one he's either a liar who was trying to pad a flimsy CV in order to get elected or a complete moron to think you could get a BA from a school whose entrance exam came on a burger wrapper from Kreme and Kone. Either one of these choices is frightening in a candidate.

Perry and Joseph Malone both hope to succeed retiring Democratic Rep. Bill Delahunt in a possible New England pickup opportunity for Republicans. The winner of the GOP primary on Sept. 14 will face either state Sen. Robert O’Leary or Norfolk County District Attorney Bill Keating in the general election.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Provincetown Carnival Parade 2010 was today!

Miss Lipsyncha
Just got home and have a massive food hangover from a huge plate of Linguine with Sauteed Lobster in a lemon cream sauce. This is the only photo I can post until I can get some sleep. 

More soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike the Dick!

Today is the birthday of our dear friend and member of the Board of Directors of Frenchy's House Party, Mike the Dick.  I hope you all wish him a very happy one and many, many, many more.

Our very best love to you Mike.

Today was Harvest Day at Frenchy's House Party

As you may know I am growing San Marzano tomatoes in a Topsy-Turvy tomato bag. I am also growing 4 varieties of herbs in pots on my deck. I have Greek oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage out there and frankly it is doing beautifully. These are all herbs that I use regularly and have to replace every year so that they will be fresh (as in a fresh bottle of dried herbs). As I was feeling a little better today I thought I could use an airing so I went outside and harvested some of the herbs for drying. It was a beautiful morning and the air seemed nice and clean (plus I took a Claritin just to be on the safe side). I did as I was instructed on the UGA website and tied up the herbs and took them down to the cellar where there is a dehumidifier going all the time. The air down there is quite dry and I have a little fan that I use to air dry clothes in the winter, going down there to keep the air moving. They also say that you should put the bunches into paper bags with holes in them to catch the leaves that may fall off. I have not put the herbs in bags yet as I thought I'd wait until they had gotten a bit of a start first. 

I will keep you updated on this project.

Its that time of year again!

Ahhh... August. This time of year used to mean lazy summer days, cool nights, barbecues, ice cream in the evenings and of course, the Carnival Parade in Provincetown. Our "gang" as Mr. B calls us, goes to Provincetown every year for the parade and then a lovely dinner at one of P-Town's great restaurants. But as of last year something new was added to the things I could count on in August. Ragweed allergy. It seems that I have developed a very bad allergy to ragweed. Oh, I get the usual symptoms, the sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat, cough... you know the drill. But I also seem to get an nice, convenient upper respiratory infection as reported in last years' post on ancillary subjects (here and here). Well this year the Dr. decided that my "URI" was the result of the ragweed pollen and as I went to see him the first day that I experienced the symptoms I had last year, the Dr. gave me an Albuterol inhaler, some sort of antibiotic (the large elephant-sized pill) and some cough medicine that puts me into an 8-hour coma. It has been three days now and I do feel much better. I am hoping that by Thursday I will be ready to have some fun at the parade in P-Town with my "gang". 

The point to all of this is that I will try to post something every day now that I am feeling better. A tout a l'heure!