Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today in History, October 18, 2008

Today we celebrate the wedding of two of our closest friends. Congratulations Mike and Alison! Mr. B and I love you both very much. Have many, many more anniversaries too!

Now that's a handsome couple!
And here's the happy couple when we were first introduced to Alison.. At our wedding in 2004.

Who doesn't like "Breakfast for Dinner Night"??

I found my old (40+ years ago when I was in cooking school) recipe for Sweet Potato Waffles and decided it was time for Breakfast for Dinner Night; that and the huge 1l2 gallon jar of Vermont maple syrup Mary Kaye gave me the other day. Paired with sausages, Mr. B pronounced they were delicious!

Here's my recipe:

Sweet Potato Waffles

1 cup mashed cooked sweet potato
3 eggs, separated
1 cup milk, room temp or just not too cold
3 tablespoons melted butter, cooled
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons AP Flour
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon nutmeg

·      Separate eggs.
·      Mix together egg yolks, mashed sweet potatoes and milk. Add melted butter. Set aside.
·      Sift together dry ingredients.
·      Add to wet ingredients.
·      Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form.
·      Mix 1/3 beaten egg whites into batter to lighten, then fold in remaining egg whites.
·      Bake on waffle iron for approximately 4-5 minutes.

October on Cape Cod.. Hedge House Edition

I went over to Hedge House in Sandwich today to watch the Iowa-Maryland game with Tobin and was just astonished at the beautiful sight. The garden is sending off its last flowers and there is some detritus among the blooms, but that only made the garden more spectacular! The garden was also alive with monarch butterflies that fluttered around from one zinnia to another. Here are just a couple of photos from Bob and Tobin's lovely home. 

Hedge House
A few of Bob's striking dahlias

Friday, October 17, 2014

Today in Christian Love, Ohio edition..

I was about to say that you don't see headlines like this every day but alas, you do.. From Andy Towle's

Televangelist Rocked By Accusations That He Abused Male Church Members, Forced Vasectomies

He should also be charged for that frightful toupée
A series of reports in The Akron Beacon Journal has detailed decades of abuse and cover-ups by Ohio televangelist Ernest Angley.
Angley, pastor at Grace Cathedral Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has been accused by former church members of performing genital "examinations," encouraging abortions and vasectomies, and arranging a marriage between a congregant and a convicted child molester.
Reporter Bob Dyer said that he had heard rumors about Angley for a long time but it wasn't until July when he received a recording of a church service in which Angley admits to examining the private parts of males that he began looking into the reports.
During the July 13th service, addressing accusations that he is gay and has abused both his associates and members of the congregation, Angley said “I’m not a homosexual. God wouldn’t use a homosexual like he uses me. He calls me his prophet, and indeed I am. ...
On the issue of urging men in his congregation to submit to vasectomies, Angley said:
“I’ve helped so many of the boys down through the years. They had their misgivings. Sure, I’d have them uncover themselves, but I did not handle them at all. And I would tell them how that would work. And they’d have to watch it. I’d have some of them come back to me that I felt needed to. And I would tell them, I would look at them, their privates — I, so I could tell how they were swelling.”
Kenny Montgomery, a former usher at the church, who like many others interviewed by Dyer who compared Angley with cult leader Jim Jones, said “that place is a textbook cult. I’m really scared for my friends and family that still go there.”
Becky Roadman, who quit the church in 2013, said that members are not allowed to have children, an accusation backed up by another former church member Angelia Oborne:
“My husband and I can’t have children because my husband had a vasectomy. We were looking at getting it reversed, but I’m 35 years old and ... may not be able to have children anymore. And that breaks my heart, because that choice was made for me, because of the brainwashing, the mind control. We weren’t allowed to have children. If you turned up pregnant, it’s almost as if you had sinned.”
Oborne added that many church members have been forced into having abortions.
Former member Greg Mulkey said that Angley doesn’t want his congregation to have children “because it would take their time and money away from [the church]. He really forced people into abortions through scare tactics, as if he were a medical doctor. It turns my stomach.”
Mulkey added that male members were often forced to have vasectomies.
Watch Bob Dyer discuss the allegations against Angley, AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: autoplay)

Oh yeah... Watch our for those Gays (continued)

In today's installment of Watch out for those Gays, they're after your kids, we offer this story about the Bible-thumping youth preacher who finds that molesting children is part of his work at the church. 

To whit:
Youth Pastor Who Claims He Could 'Cure' Gay Teen Confesses To Raping Him. 

Now this is a creepy guy!
Now The "Youth Pastor" at the Polly Ann Church of God in Eubank, Kentucky has been arrested for sexually abusing a 16-year-old he told he could help with his "battle with homosexuality". Police have arrested the Sunday school teacher at the Polly Ann Church of God in Eubank, Kentucky, after a 16-year old student complained he had been sexually abusing him for the last six months. Rex Murphy (left) was charged with first degree sexual abuse, third-degree sodomy and using a minor in a sexual performance. According to the arrest citation, the unnamed victim said Murphy had touched him inappropriately at the church and at Murphy's home, on at least ten occasions.
The boy told police Murphy convinced him he had the power to see all his sins by touching him. He said after his assaults, Murphy would threatened to kill the teen with "black magic" if he ever told anyone about what he had done. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Local Conservative Radio Host Serves Up A Nice Big Cup Of Terrorism Over Breakfast

Local Conservative windbag, Ed (Osama bin) Lambert has spent the last few mornings whipping up his audience into a race-baiting, anti-government, FEMA conspiracy, black helicopter frenzy over this Ebola story. Like most of his ilk, Lambert is using what he says is a legitimate story to frighten and terrorize his audience with everything from porous borders, typhoid, and the, so he says, complete lack of coherent response to the "crisis" in America.  I fully expect him to recommend buying more duct tape and sealing yourself in your house with a 55-gallon drum of barbecue sauce so you'll have enough to last until the crisis is over. Instead of helping to assuage the fears of his audience with facts, he regurgitates every conspiracy-filled email and call to his audience and then while most of his 65+ audience is trying to adjust their hearing aids to catch the other parts of the story that they may have missed, he quickly says something to the effect that "I don't believe that's the case" or some other dismissive quip. Most of these folks have heard this crap on Fox News and by the time they refocus on the radio, he's onto another nut with yet another 'theory' of how Obama probably brought this disease to our country when he was born in Kenya and held onto the virus until he was in power. 

It's way past time for these media whores to stop endangering all of our lives with these ridiculous fear-mongering, attention-getting antics and try to give people the truth. Not the "truth" that their deranged black helicopter-fearing audience belches out after gluing themselves to Fox News' talking (empty) heads shows. 

Shame on you Ed!

This Ebola scare is bringing out the Conservative loonies like nobody's business!

To whit:

As we have all heard - exhaustively - President Obama is using Ebola to infect white people and make the United States more like his ‘home' in Africa. Klayman, who repeatedly repeats his moronic claims that President Obama is not really an American, that his birth certificate is fake, and that the President must be arrested…

Reince Priebus is a lying douchebag!

I thought Michael Steele was a tool but this guy takes the cake!

The other day, we posted an article on a stunning revelation from the publicly funded National Institutes of Health: that if it hadn't been for Bush's tax cuts, there very likely would have been no ebola epidemic. Yes, the same ebola epidemic that Fox and conservatives have been swearing will be coming to the United States…

Watch where you're going with that Julian!

The Pats are playing in Foxboro tonight and it is raining like a mo-fo here. All those mens in their wet, slippery outfits pushing each other around... Gotta love football! 

And now we hear from the stupidest person in America, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

The people of Texas should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously..

Louie Gohmert: Nurses infected with Ebola are part of the ‘Democrats’ war on women’

Evil blond skank reflects on Ebola treatments

Conservative witch, Ann (Die Hexe von den Äther) Coulter is upset about all those Ebola patients in the US (2) who are getting cushy, lush, free treatments at government expense. What a filthy (see you next Tuesday)!

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter on Wednesday joined the bandwagon of right-wing critics questioning why President Barack Obama hasn't instituted a travel ban for the African countries battling the Ebola epidemic — perhaps with the goal of preventing those who are infected from getting "free medical treatment" here in the U.S.
In her syndicated column, Coulter contrasted a U.S. government-imposed travel ban to Israel during the conflict in Gaza this summer — which lasted one day — with the the government's current policy toward flights originating in the affected West African countries.
"It's becoming increasingly clear this is just another platform for Obama to demonstrate that we are citizens of the world," she wrote. "The entire Ebola issue is being discussed — by our government, not the United Nations — as if Liberians are indistinguishable from Americans, and U.S. taxpayers should be willing to pay whatever it takes to save them."
Coulter accused Obama of not wanting to "protect Americans" from the deadly virus and of treating the doctors, nurses and military members dispatched to West Africa to combat the outbreak as "expendable."
But by the end of the column, it became clear what was really getting Coulter's goat:
Of all the reasons people have for coming here — welfare, drug-dealing, Medicare scams — "I have Ebola and I'm going to die, otherwise" is surely one of the strongest. The entire continent of Africa now knows that this is a country that will happily spend half a million dollars on treating someone who just arrived — and then berate itself for not doing enough.
Thomas Eric Duncan's family may be upset with his treatment, but they have to admit, the price was right. Medical bill: $0.00. Your next statement will arrive in 30 days.
At the moment, more than 13,000 West Africans have travel visas to come to the U.S. Having just seen an Ebola-infected Liberian get $500,000 worth of free medical treatment in the U.S., the first thing any African who might have Ebola should do is get himself to America. Of all the reasons people have for coming here — welfare, drug-dealing, Medicare scams — "I have Ebola and I'm going to die, otherwise" is surely one of the strongest. The entire continent of Africa now knows that this is a country that will happily spend half a million dollars on treating someone who just arrived — and then berate itself for not doing enough.

Thomas Eric Duncan's family may be upset with his treatment, but they have to admit, the price was right. Medical bill: $0.00. Your next statement will arrive in 30 days.

Oh yeah... Watch out for those gays.. they're after your kids!

Unless you're anti-gay and a Christian talk-show host. Then you'll take care of molesting your kids all by yourself.

From a South Carolina NBC affiliate WYFF via

An Upstate man who is the host of a conservative radio show on a Christian talk channel has been charged with a sex crime against a 3-year-old boy, according to arrest warrants. Josh Kimbrell, who is the host of Common Cents on Christian Talk 92.9FM, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under 11. According to the arrest warrant, Kimbrell, under the guise of a game, fondled the child and committed other sexual acts against the boy. Greenville police said that Kimbrell was arrested Tuesday. He is being held without bond.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October, Cape Cod

Selecting a pumpkin at the Universalist Church on Old King's Highway in Barnstable Village.