Saturday, November 08, 2014

Oh no they di-int! They did not just plot to kill HMtQ!

Vanity Fair reports that security forces in London have arrested 4 men alleged to have planned to assassinate The Queen, by stabbing her this Sunday, as she was honoring the fighting men and women of The UK at a wreath laying on Remembrance Day. Read the shocking story below:
London tabloid The Sun reported Friday night that British police have arrested four suspects who, a source said, were allegedly planning to kill the Queen of England as part of an Islamist terror plot.Per the report, the four suspects allegedly planned to stab Britain’s 88-year-old sovereign at the Royal British Legion Festival, a military celebration held at Royal Albert Hall.Police are said to have arrested the four men, who range from the age of 19 to 27, during multiple raids on Thursday evening. The four individuals were reportedly thought to have been plotting to assassinate the Queen with a knife.The Sun added that “the men were held on suspicion of being concerned in the ‘commission, preparation or instigation’ of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000. They were taken to police stations in central London.”Despite the security threat, the Queen is reportedly insistent that she carry out her responsibility on Remembrance Sunday, which involves her laying the first wreath to “The Glorious Dead” this weekend.
Developing. . .

"Scene" Today

Driving back from Anne Levine's house today I spied this glorious Acer Palmatum Japonica (Japanese Maple) and I had to pull right over and snap a couple of photos. This is why I love these plants. For one or two days in the fall they blaze with the most intense color and then the leaves fall off en masse. But for those two days...

This was taken today

This was taken 5 years ago at our home in Brewster, the day before all of the leaves fell off.