Saturday, March 15, 2014

Amazing! This parrot is actually a woman in body paint!

After Losing MA Senate Race, GOP Male Stripper Scott Brown figures NH Voters are too stupid not to vote for him

Former senator Scott Brown (R-What state am I in now?), after being soundly defeated in the last MA senatorial election, decided to use his questionable flim-flamming skills on the citizens of New Hampshire. The former centerfold Senator has decided that since the voters of Massachusetts are too clever to be fooled by his anti-gay, anti-woman rhetoric that he would try his snake oil pitch on the voters of New Hampshire. I sincerely hope the voters of New Hampshire remain sober long enough to see that this is a failure. 

From the

Scott Brown, R-Douchebag , MA
Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) announced Friday he has formed an exploratory committee for another Senate run, this time in the state of New Hampshire. “I’m going to stop complaining and get involved again," Brown said. "So I am announcing that I have formed an exploratory committee to prepare a campaign for the U.S. Senate."

Brown made the announcement at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua.
"Together we're going to make 2014 a great Republican year in New Hampshire and all around this country," Brown said. “A big political wave is about to break in America, and the Obamacare Democrats are on the wrong side of that wave," Brown continued.

According to WMUR-TV's James Pindell, Brown was open about his ambitions even before his big announcement while speaking to college students: The AP reported Thursday Brown had begun seeking campaign staff in New Hampshire:
Brown spent much of the past two weeks calling key New Hampshire Republican officials and influential GOP activists, saying he was going to run and seeking their support. At the same time, Brown's camp has quietly begun offering paid positions to Republican operatives for a prospective New Hampshire campaign.
Several people involved in the discussions said some in the GOP establishment remain skeptical given the former Republican senator's recent track record. The 54-year-old Brown angered Massachusetts Republicans last year after indicating he would run in the state's special U.S. Senate election, only to change his mind late in the process.
"He's been reaching out to opinion leaders, to grassroots activists, getting a sense of, 'Would you be supporting a Scott Brown campaign,'" said former New Hampshire Rep. Frank Guinta, who is running again for Congress and was included in Brown's outreach efforts. "That, to me, says he's serious. But I think only Scott Brown knows if Scott Brown is going to run."
Brown set up a New Hampshire-based political action committee called The People’s Seat PAC Inc. in October 2013. In December 2013, Brown confirmed he had moved to New Hampshire, making him eligible to run in that state. He had put his Massachusetts home on the market in September of that year.  At the time, Brown said the move was "strictly personal." "I am looking forward to being close to my mom as she gets older and needs assistance from my sister and me. I am also looking forward to being closer to my immediate and extended family," Brown said in December.

If Brown runs and wins a Republican primary in the Granite State, he'll face off against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.). A February poll by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling showed Brown trailing Shaheen 47 percent to 39 percent.

See Brown's full remarks from Friday's speech here.

Do we really need to be subjected to that 'empty suit' (Pat DesMaris, WXTK radio) douchebag Scott Brown roiling the airwaves against Jeanne Shaheen this time? What a loser, douchbag he is.

Friday, March 14, 2014

This Alabama 'Pastor" blew so many boys he can't recall how many!

Another 'Holy Hypocrite'.

Alabama children’s pastor tells police he ‘cannot remember’ how many boys he molested (via Raw Story )
On Thursday, a pastor in Muscle Shoals, Alabama pleaded guilty to 16 counts of sodomy, three counts of sexually abusing a child under 12-years-old, and one count of child pornography. Jeffrey Dale Eddie, also known as “Brother Jeff,” had served…

Happy Birthday Brittany!

Still a long way to go. Anti-Gay pastor shows 'God's love' with this sign in front of his church

The next time one of your conservative friends says something like "the tide is turning towards equality for gays and lesbians so why do we need something like The Employment Non-Discrimination Act" or something along those lines, show them this picture and tell them this story. From

Last month Harlem Pastor James Manning earned national headlines when he posted a billboard declaring that President Obama has "released homo demons on the black man." Today Manning upped the Christian Love™ with the above sign.  According to Manning's YouTube clip posted this morning, Christians who refuse to stone homosexuals to death are "advocating lawlessness." He goes on: "Stoning of the homos is now in order. Stoning is still the law." We'll stand by for Christian leaders to denounce Pastor Manning, but don't hold your breath - there was nothing but silence last month.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

GOP Primary Challenger says South Carolina is tired of 'Ambiguously Gay' Lindsey Graham

Don't you just love it when they claw at each others' throats?? Wait until Miss Lindsey gets her claws out!

From TPM (my bolding):

Feliciano, a police officer from Spartanburg, S.C. with no political experience, made an agreement with three other candidates challenging Graham to support each other if any of them make it to the runoff election.

"We're ready for a new leader to merge the Republican Party. We're done with this," he said. "This is what it's about, all of us coming together and saying, one way or the other, one of us is going to be on that ballot in November."

He signed the pledge along with Richard Cash, state Sen. Lee Bright and Bill Connor.

"We, the undersigned genuine conservative Republicans, agree to endorse whichever one of our fellow signers advances to the run-off election against incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham following the South Carolina Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate on the 10th of June 2014," the pledge reads, according to The State.

Connor, an attorney, said his fellow candidate's remarks about Graham were a personal attack. And Cash, a businessman, said Feliciano's comments were "inappropriate," according to The State.


Repost: International Food Name Fails

Talk about your niche marketing!

Hard to believe there's a market for this

I prefer menthol flavored crack myself


My sainted mother used this product back in the late sixties

Megapussi chips? 

Fresh pasta?!? Hell-oo!

I prefer my children grilledwith bearnaise 

Uh... no

For gays over 55

Never had one with gravy before

An interesting export from Peru

In the aisle next to the Man Goo

How about a nice hot drink from Urinal?

Boy, they can sell anything in Asia ne c'est pas?

OK baby! It's almost ready

Ugh! Florida (again)!

Former Florida Teacher of the Year sentenced to 40 years for sexually assaulting fourth grader (via Raw Story )

A Florida elementary school “Teacher of the Year” was sentenced to 40 years in jail after pleading guilty to charges of sexual battery on a child younger than 12 and lewd or lascivious molestation. Six other charges against former Windy Hill Elementary…

Remember when your mother told you not to play with your food?

Food as art... The Art of Garde Manger. I like the "flower" bouquet and the lady bugs on the smoked salmon..

(Thanks to AnneMarie in Ft. Myers for these):

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wunnerful, wunnerful!

On this day in 1903, to Ludwig and Christiana (Schwahn) Welk, was born Lawrence Welk, Heartthrob to millions of blue-haired ladies, including my Nana, Welk presided over Saturday nights for years with his "Champagne Music" and such acts as Bobby and Cissy, Myron Floren and his accordion , The Lennon Sisters and Norma Zimmer on the Honky-Tonk Piano. Our house fell silent as this cavalcade of "entertainment" whirled around us with the audience dancing in the aisles and Welk waving his baton. We may think of him and his show as an anachronistic joke but at one time his show was one of the highest rated shows on television and his tour concerts were generally sold out performances. Welk died in 1992, aged 89. He will live on in public television reruns. 

Happy Birthday Maestro! And now here's Myron Floren asking the musical question "Play that funky music white boy. "

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Baubles: Clocks

Masterpieces of the jeweler's art: Clocks. I wouldn't mind being roused from sleep each morning by any of these remarkable jewels.
A jade, onyx, mother of pearl and diamonds clock created by Cartier in the 1920's

Onyx, gold, mother of pearl, by Cartier

Another beauty by Cartier. Gold, marble and mother of pearl

Pink Quartz, jade and gold in this piece by LaCloche-Freres 

This beautiful clock by Cartier is made from lapis lazuli, jade, gold and diamaonds

Another view of this stunning piece

Also by Cartier this stunning piece "The Chimera Clock" is made from white onyx, jade, gold, enamel and diamonds. The clock face itself is contained within a large yellow topaz.

This is another "Mystery Clock" by Cartier, (c. 1990) this time with a gold and lapis lazuli base and a rock crystal enclosing the clock face. The numerals are studded with diamonds.

Finally, this clock made from black onyx, jade, coral and gold has the clock face enclosed in a large emerald-cut yellow citrine with diamond supports