Sunday, March 09, 2014

Baubles: Clocks

Masterpieces of the jeweler's art: Clocks. I wouldn't mind being roused from sleep each morning by any of these remarkable jewels.
A jade, onyx, mother of pearl and diamonds clock created by Cartier in the 1920's

Onyx, gold, mother of pearl, by Cartier

Another beauty by Cartier. Gold, marble and mother of pearl

Pink Quartz, jade and gold in this piece by LaCloche-Freres 

This beautiful clock by Cartier is made from lapis lazuli, jade, gold and diamaonds

Another view of this stunning piece

Also by Cartier this stunning piece "The Chimera Clock" is made from white onyx, jade, gold, enamel and diamonds. The clock face itself is contained within a large yellow topaz.

This is another "Mystery Clock" by Cartier, (c. 1990) this time with a gold and lapis lazuli base and a rock crystal enclosing the clock face. The numerals are studded with diamonds.

Finally, this clock made from black onyx, jade, coral and gold has the clock face enclosed in a large emerald-cut yellow citrine with diamond supports

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