Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mother and the Groom

This is a story that OUT Magazine did about our wedding and how Scott's Mom and I sorted out the wedding plans. A nice memory... 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Advice

There are a huge number of methods for roasting your Thanksgiving turkey out there. Being of an experimental nature I have tried a number of them, but I keep going back to one method: Julia Child's method. I will say at the outset that if you are one of those folks that presents the turkey at the table then carve it there, or rush it back to the kitchen to disassemble it, this method is not for you. However, if you want a method that is easy, (relatively) quick, and produces a very nice, juicy and easily carved turkey, then by all means, try this one.

The way Julia did it was to remove the legs and thighs from the turkey, de-bone the thigh, roll it up and tie it and roast the legs and the breast on top of the stuffing. The juices baste the stuffing and it takes 1/3 less time to roast. And once you remove the strings from the thighs, the dark meat carves like a dream! I am including the recipe for this below. If you take no other advice from me regarding cooking, you should take this advice. This is the best turkey I have ever made!

Don't be intimidated by the de-boning of the thigh. It is very easy
if you have a good sharp knife. Once it is done you can see
how nicely the finished product looks

Look how nicely the dark meat comes out, and so easy to slice!

Yup, a nice tasty turkey in much less time. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today in traffic signs

PharmaDouche out douches himself....

Kentucky, Child Rape, Christianist Pastor... Goes together like "soup and sandwich".

Another example of fine Christina morals and an example to us all of the benefits of home schooling our young. While this is not surprising, I am still sickened by these creatures.

From JoeMyGod:

Yet another scandal for one of TLC’s Christian reality shows. NBC News reports: The patriarch of a family featured on the TLC reality television show “The Willis Family” was arrested Friday and charged with rape of a child stemming from an alleged sexual encounter around 12 years ago, authorities said.