Thursday, May 20, 2010

View of my desk at work

Send a photo of your desk at work to frenchy (at) and I will post them on this site. Here is a view of my new desk.

Sure sign of last frost passing

Cute little birdies with Spring flowers? No... Wm H Harris fur van picking up furs at Mrs. Nickerson's mansion next door to Ocean Edge. Now that's a sure sign of the last frost!

Time to plant your garden!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another cool "flash mob" happening, this tme in Philadelphia

Some of you may recall the very cool flash mob video if a group singing "Do, Re, Mi " from The Sound of Music in the train station in Antwerp that made the rounds a while ago. Others might also recall a video I posted here of the flash mob "Hit and Run Hula" that did a hula to Shirley Bassey signing "History Repeating Itself" in the Castro in San Francisco. These were monumentally cool. Click on the hyperlinks in this post to view them.

Today JoeMyGod introduced us to the latest flash mob video taking place at a farmers market in Philadelphia. A group from the Opera Company of Philadelphia descended on the market and did a rousing version of "Libiamo" from the opera La Traviata. I have tried to fit the video into this post but it is too large (visually) so I am including the link to the performance here. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Fun Foto Time!!

As a public service Frenchy's House Party brings you this interlude to cheer up your workday. To whit:

Ballerina Mercenaries
(I would think that mules are difficult to fight in...)

DIY Batman

Nothing says "Haute Cuisine" like a nice can of fish assholes!

Where does one start?

Very tired kitty

The locus in quo

Early warning sign...

Sound advice

Not the best choice of accessories for hitchhiking wear

Taking the family out for a stroll

Tech support

I'll have two all the way and a plenary indulgence. Hold the mayo...

Granny rocks!

Anyone else?

Just remember this if you piss off your rich girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Attorney General of Alabama

I know I parked my horse around here somewhere.


Jenny Craig Diet Results, Week 7

It is Week #7 on the Jenny Craig plan folks. I got some great support from my hubby, Mr. B this week albeit in an off-hand way.

Mr. B and I like to go out for breakfast. I haven't been out for breakfast but once since I started this diet. We have a few spots we like; first and foremost Cafe Chew in Sandwich owned and operated by Frenchy's House Party charter members Bob and Tobin, Grumpy's in Dennis (we both like), The Red Cottage in Dennis (we both like) and Larry's PX in Chatham (Mr. B likes this one more than I do). Well, I was reading in the paper this week about a fellow that opened a restaurant in the Chatham Airport hanger, appropriately named "Hanger 2" and it described a refreshing of the old place. I had been into the old place for breakfast a couple of times and had decried the grunginess of the place and the lack of any kind of service or amenities. However they did make a killer homemade corned beef hash, which is my favorite breakfast dish. So when I read that there was a new owner/manager and a new menu I read on. It seems he has been a "chef" in some very good places most notably at Chatham Bars Inn which some of you may know was Frenchy's old haunt as Director of Catering and Wedding Maven. Anyway this guy has introduced some intriguing items for breakfast at the Hanger including a hash made of corned beef, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, beets, onions and finished with a horseradish creme fraiche. Yumm-oo as RR would say!!

After reading the story I told Mr. B that I wanted to go sometime and try this place out and here comes the left-handed "support". Mr. B said "we're paying all of this money for Jenny Craig so you can lose weight so we're not going Buddy". I gave him the sad face but I knew he was right. And after last week where I gained 0.8 pounds I felt he was quite right to remind me. Thanks honey!

So now to the results... I lost 4 pounds this week making a grand total of 29 pounds in 7 weeks. Another fascinating story on the highway to sveltness next week. Stay tuned!