Saturday, April 27, 2013

Massachusetts' State Flower

We have a a nice patch of Mayflower or Trailing Arbutus (Epigaea repens) growing near our house. It is just beginning to bloom now and is just lovely with a very light fragrance. It reminds me of orange flowers a little. Enjoy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Morning!

It's Friday and only 8 more hours in that sweatshop in which I toil. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can spend some time puttering in the garden.

Have a great day and to those of us who are slogging off to work... It's almost over. Enjoy these spring blooms from our garden.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The George W Bush Fortress of Ineptitude

Monument to a Dirtbag

The Fortress of Ineptitude
The media will be fixated tomorrow on the opening of the $250 million ("Just put it on someone's credit card, we'll pay for it later") George W. Bush Terrible President Library at Southern Methodist University. It's an imposing structure, and I can't imagine what the hell they've filled its 207,000 square-feet with. I have a few ideas, though, for what I'd put on display. 

This is just a partial list:
• The 'Mission Accomplished' banner and the codpiece he wore ten years ago when he declared that major combat operations had ended in Iraq even though they continued for the rest of his presidency.
• The chair in which he sat, frozen, at Booker Elementary School on 9/11 after he was told "America is under attack." Also his dog-eared copy of "The Pet Goat."
• A bag of pretzels, of course.
• On a continuous loop in the lobby: a recording of the push-poll question his campaign used to destroy John McCain in 2000…
"Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?"
...just to show visiting school kids what a classy guy Bush is.

• A piece of the birthday cake he shared with John McCain in Phoenix as the levees were busting open in New Orleans.
• The golf club he swung immediately after vowing to "stop these terrorist killers."
• The 2005 "Can I go pee?" note he scribbled to Condi Rice at the United Nations.
• The Segway he fell off of in 2003.
• A credit card bill forwarded from the White House to "The People of the United States of America" with a balance of $10 trillion.
• The August 6, 2001 PDB: Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside US.
• Some aluminum tubes.
• The vial of baby powder Colin Powell used to scare us to death at the United Nations.
• The best of FEMA Director Michael Brown's Katrina emails, including "I am a fashion god" and "Can I quit now? Can I go home?"
• A photo collage of the U.S. soldiers who died during the Iraq war underneath a sign that says, "Oops!"
• The shoes that were thrown at him by a journalist during his last visit to Iraq.
• The shirt Bill Clinton was wearing in Haiti when Bush used it as a rag to wipe a commoner's cooties off his hand in 2010.

View from my window

It rained last night and there was a pretty good breeze blowing too, dropping a lot of debris from the trees over the patio here at the Clubhouse. Unfortunately the combination of windy and rainy weather also made my daffodils a little worse for wear, but the tulips are holding up well. Here's a little peek from the kitchen window (click to make bigger)...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Like my friend Anne says... "Florida..."

Drunk Florida man admits shooting up public docks and then poops pants


An Orlando man was recently arrested after he defecated in his own pants while admitting to police that the he shot up a public dock.
According to an arrest report published by TCPalm on Tuesday, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of shots fired near the Gifford Docks in Vero Beach at around 9:20 p.m. on April 9 and found 44-year-old Michael Johnston.
The Orlando man verified that he had been drinking and firing weapons, and gave the officer permission to search the trunk of his car for a .45 caliber black powder pistol and a .40 caliber Glock pistol. Johnston explained that he had consumed at least eight alcoholic beverages, but said that the two cans of Colt 45 had been “too many apparently!”
The police report also indicated that a second man had been with Johnston at the docks.
After being read his Miranda rights, Johnston told the deputy that both men had been “drinking and shooting.”
“I am impaired,” the suspect reportedly said.
“Johnston was swaying while I was speaking to him due to his intoxication and defecated in his pants, which he admitted was from his intoxication,” the deputy wrote.
The charging document stated that at least 20 rounds were fired from both firearms at a glass bottle, resulting in “bullet holes and ricochet damage caused from multiple bullets on the dock’s walkway and pillars.”
“The dock shit is my shit!” Johnston said, referring to the bullet holes, not the poop in his pants.
He was charged with using a firearm under the influence of alcohol and criminal mischief, both misdemeanors. The deputy said that the damage to the docks was an “eyesore” and would need to be repaired “due to the negative impression that will be seen by visitors of county docks.”


Monday, April 22, 2013

Game of Thrones

When I first started watching Game of Thrones (HBO, Sunday nights at 9) I watched the first season through and After Ned Stark (played wonderfully by Sean Bean) was killed off I thought that was the end of it for me. None of the characters was especially appealing to me and the story lines were amazingly Byzantine; so much so that I wasn't really interested in watching season 2. However as the 3rd season approached and the Internet was abuzz about what was going to happen on Season 3, I thought that I'd start over again and see what all of the fuss was about. I slogged through Season 1 again and dove right into Season 2 with gusto. Several characters really stuck with me. Joffrey, the little shit-king of Westeros is someone you love to watch just because you hate him so much and are waiting for his come-comeuppance. Cersei, the Shit-King Mother, who bore the Shit-King after a long standing affair with her brother Jamie. She's just so twisted I love watching her. But the one that has been the most fascinating to me is Daenerys Targaryan. That little blond girl who was sold by her stinking no-good brother to a barbaric hunk o'man who led an army of fierce warriors. She has turned from "payment" into one of the fiercest of the warriors of all. Smart, treacherous, and all-consumed with regaining the Iron Throne of Westeros for herself. She is a treat to watch. She's beautiful, cunning, kind and cruel all at the same time. She even has a brood of dragons who think she's their mother! 

If you haven't seen this show, get to it! It's terrific!

Free at last!

I have decided to take a break from Facebook. It was once an interesting place to catch up on what's happening with friends and it has now devolved into an outlet for streams of consciousness that results in endless posts of politics, stupid captioned photos and "bromides". Thanks, but I've had enough! For the foreseeable future, if I have anything to say, I'll say it here at the Clubhouse and if anyone's interested you can check in with me here. So, Abientot! for now.