Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wedding Pix

Mr. and Mrs. John Spratt on their wedding day...

Love the shoes Doll!

This is interesting... to me at least

Some time ago I posted a story and a recipe about Slow Cooker Smothered Pork Chops. It has turned out to be a huge driver of traffic to my web site with 421 "hits" in the last 30 days! I haven't gotten a lot of comments on it but I will say that it is now #3 in search results on Google! If you're looking for a great recipe for boneless pork chops and have a slow cooker, hit the link and make this recipe! 

TPT! (The Poor Thing)


Aging gracefully

There comes a time when even a mess of diamonds cannot make you look good. To whit...

Lose the hat dear...

Fun Stuff



The Gold Drawing Room in the palace of Baron Alexander von Steiglitz in St Petersburg

Remembering 9/11

Because nothing says "We sympathize with and respect the loved ones of the victims of the horrifying terrorist attack on America" like free coffee and mini-muffins... for 30 minutes.