Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A "Good Christian Teacher"

Thank goodness I don't have any children to worry about. With the pedophile clergy, "coaches" on sports teams and every other manner of kook and weirdo out there I'd be afraid to let them out of the house. Witness today's entry into the fray:

"Alleged" pervert in question
Teacher in Christian School Charged with Masturbating in Class

Authorities in Schaumburg, Illinois have charged a teacher at a Christian school for repeatedly masturbating in class over a period of 10 years. Schaumburg Christian School fired math teacher Paul A. LaDuke, 75, on Friday after a student reported that she saw him masturbating, according to NBC Chicago.

After conducting an internal investigation, school officials contacted Schaumburg police Monday. On Tuesday, LaDuke was charged with sexual exploitation of a child. Several students reportedly told police that they were present in the classroom when LaDuke unzipped and lower his pants and then masturbated. 

“Through the course of our investigation, our detectives have come to believe that this has happened several times per year for 10 years or more, possibly,” Schaumburg police Sgt. John Nebel told the CBS affiliate in Chicago.

“It’s not that it’s been reported and nothing has been done, it’s just that during the course of the investigation, we’ve come to learn certain information and I can’t go further for the fact that there’s a possibility of more charges before a grand jury,” he added.

Police say that there is no evidence that LaDuke, who taught Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, had inappropriately touched any students.

What a friggin' pervert!