Saturday, May 08, 2010

Even these guys think this Iowa legislator is an idiot

Iowa state Sen. Merlin Bartz wants to make sure that state agencies don't extend right or privileges to gay couples, even though his state legalized same sex marriage last year. One the things Bartz wants to stop is the plan to allow gay couples to use the family campground portion of state parks.
The rates or fees for camp sites are the same, whether you’re a family or a non-family, but the state allows families to put up more than one tent on a camp site. “They’re changing their language even though the state legislature has not had a debate on this particular issue,” Bartz says. Bartz is a member of the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee which meets on Monday. He’s asked D.N.R. officials to explain their proposal at that meeting. Bartz says he wants to be “vigilant” and keep state agencies from writing rules that extend new benefits to gay couples. “A lot of the advocates of gay marriage in Iowa have said, ‘It doesn’t affect anything. Nothing has changed,’” Bartz says. “The reality of it is that everything is changing.” Bartz concedes the D.N.R. might be sued if they fail to ensure “family” policies for camping apply to gay couples, although Bartz says the state may be sued by gay marriage opponents if the rule is changed.
See how far the "Right" will go to deny Gay and Lesbian families the dignities that any family in Iowa has simply because they don't conform to his idea of what a family is. What an a$$hole!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jenny Craig Diet Results, Week 5

One of my all-time favorite movies is a film by the late Anne Bancroft called Fatso. It is the story of a balding middle-aged fat man played by Dom DeLuise who comes to terms with his weight issues following several misadventures. It is a charming look at our diet and weight obsessed culture and it is laced with the family dynamics of growing up in an Italian-American family. If you have the opportunity to see it you really should. See the trailer below...

Now to Jenny Craig...

This weeks was kind of a wash as far as the diet was concerned. I really didn't eat according to the schedule, I went out to dinner and ate (of all things) boneless buffalo wings (these are loaded with fat, honey or sugar, and don't forget the Ranch Dressing) and skipped a couple of meals as well. It has also been a stressful week as I have left the job I was working at (for only six weeks) due to several issues which I will leave to your imagination. At any rate I was able to pull off a 1 pound weight loss this week anyway. That's 26 pounds in 5 weeks. Not quite as good as the last few weeks but as they say at Jenny... Any day on the program is a good day.

Ah well... better luck (and hydrochlorothiazide) next time!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hypocrisy Alert!!

From Joe My God

Anti-Gay Christian NARTH Leader And Gay Adoption Opponent George Rekers Found Vacationing With A Male Prostitute

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Notorious NARTH member and vigorous gay adoption opponent Dr. George Rekers was caught by the Miami New Times as he returned from a ten-day vacation with a young male prostitute that he hired on
On April 13, the "rent boy" (whom we'll call Lucien) arrived at Miami International Airport on Iberian Airlines Flight 6123, after a ten-day, fully subsidized trip to Europe. He was soon followed out of customs by an old man with an atavistic mustache and a desperate blond comb-over, pushing an overburdened baggage cart. That man was George Alan Rekers, of North Miami — the callboy's client and, as it happens, one of America's most prominent anti-gay activists. Rekers, a Baptist minister who is a leading scholar for the Christian right, left the terminal with his gay escort, looking a bit discomfited when a picture of the two was snapped with a hot-pink digital camera. Reached by New Times before a trip to Bermuda, Rekers said he learned Lucien was a prostitute only midway through their vacation. "I had surgery," Rekers said, "and I can't lift luggage. That's why I hired him." (Though medical problems didn't stop him from pushing the tottering baggage cart through MIA.) Yet Rekers wouldn't deny he met his slender, blond escort at — which features homepage images of men in bondage and grainy videos of crotch-rubbing twinks — and Lucien confirmed it.
Rekers is part of the fake pediatricians group created by NARTH.
Rekers is a board member of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), an organization that systematically attempts to turn gay people straight. And the Huffington Post recently singled out Rekers as a member of the American College of Pediatricians — an official-sounding outfit in Gainesville that purveys lurid, youth-directed literature accusing gays of en masse coprophilia. (In an email, the college's Lisa Hawkins wrote, "ACPeds feels privileged to have a scholar of Dr. Rekers' stature affiliated with our organization. I am sure you will find Prof. Rekers to be an immaculate clinician/scholar, and a warm human being.")
Congratulations to the Miami New Times! Here's Rekers' Facebook page, should you care to write him a note congratulating him on his excellent taste in boy hookers.