Friday, April 02, 2010

Recent Activity At Frenchy's House Party

As I am now going to start my Spring/Summer blogging regimen again I thought I'd post a map of from where the "hits" on my site are coming. Pretty cool!

Oh it's diet time again...

With the first flush of Spring in the air here on Cape Cod it is time for me to think about dieting again. I have gotten so puffy that I have a hard time finding socks that will fit, let alone trousers or shirts. I have had, in the past, remarkable success using the Jenny Craig plan to lose weight. In 1996 I lost 50+ pounds in 6-7 months using their system and in 1999 I could report the same success. I figure that if I am to have any success again I need to make a public declaration of my intent and let the whole world in on my progress, so here we go.

I walked into the Jenny Craig office in Hyannis on Monday last and threw myself on the mercy of the diet consultants there and told them that "I give up". I need assistance. It turns out that the counselor I had those many years ago is still there and remembered me from my past experiences. She greeted me warmly and escorted me into the back consultation rooms for the process to begin. First came the weigh-in. 297 pounds! Wow! When you don't look at the scale for a while it sure can creep up on you can't it? After putting in my weight and height (6'4") their computer told me I should weigh between 150 and 189 pounds. What a joke. I would look like a hat rack with glasses at that weight so I asked Kim (my consultant) if we could make my goal 220 pounds instead. She said that those numbers (150-180) are not realistic and that 220 would be a great goal.

She put me on a 2000 calorie diet to start and after a 20 pound loss (I think) I go to 1700/day. She gave me the 1700 calorie/day weekly meal plan and told me that I needed to eat everything on the plan and add some more stuff (a sandwich with 1 oz of cheese or meat with 1 tsp of mayonnaise) every day to the plan she gave me. Frankly getting to eating all of the stuff they want you to eat is a trial. I seem to be eating all of the time now.

I will keep to this plan and report back here on Mondays after my visit to the diet center. I can report that after two days (last night) on the diet I got on my Wii Fit board last night and it reported that I had gone from 297-294.3 pounds. Now I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day but I needed reassurance last night and I gave it a whirl just to see if my efforts bore results.

More to come soon.