Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun Pix Day

The age-old problem of what to wear.

And yet we won anyway! Not that there's anything wrong with him...

However, there is something quite wrong with him. A lace parasol with formal wear?

Pizza Hut sure does like Moms!

Can someone explain this to me?

Nothing says classy like a naked, pregnant, tattooed, bleach-tipped, earring-wearing, subtle ass-grab in front of a mystical matte-painting, through a soft focus lens.


Uh, Miss? You dropped something...

This guy has some serious issues.

Air bags inflated!

Your Vulcan plakk tow panties are showing Doll.

Forgot our lithium this morning did we?

Wi-Fi bandito

I loves me some Janeane Garofalo

Janeane was coming out of a Starbucks when she was ambushed by one of Fox News' crack team of producer/camera teams and asked her to apologize for calling Teabaggers "racist" "rednecks". She, of course, refused. This was a segment on Greta van Newface's show. I thought this practice was one of Bill-O's memes.

Looking for a class to take? Considering a 2nd language course?

Try Klingon... Qapla Honey!

Klingon Night School

Keith Olbermann Eviscerates Bird-Brained Tw@t Carrie Prejean On His Show's New Segment "The WTF Moment"

A must watch...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fame at last...

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders has asked for photos from same-sex weddings to include on their website to celebrate the progress made since same-sex marriage began in Massachusetts in 2004. I submitted one and sure enough...

This Week In Holy Crimes


Over the last seven days...

Connecticut: Pastor Yves Jerome convicted of raping 14 year-old girl.
Hawaii: Pastor Manuel Taboada confesses to molesting 11 year-old girl.
Maryland: Rabbi Jacob Aaron Max convicted of sexual assault. Bonus: Max is 85.
New York: Rabbi Israel Weingarten convicted of sexually abusing his daughter repeatedly over a ten year period.
Australia: Father Kevin Phillips charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor.
Missouri: Pastor Robert M. Black busted in internet sting for attempted sex with a 13 year-old girl.
California: Pastor Timothy Ryan Jamison pleads guilty to molesting 4 year-old boy.
Ontario: Lou Ann Soontiens wins $2M judgment from Catholic Church in nation's largest ever individual settlement for sexual abuse. Soontiens was impregnated by her priest at age 14. Settlements are pending for 17 other women.
Arkansas: Pastor David Pierce rearrested as charges for sexual indecency with a minor rises to 54 counts.
Indiana: Pastor Charles S. Miller confesses to possession of child pornography.

This week's winner:
California: Pastor Anthony Ireland charged with four counts of raping prostitutes at knifepoint. Ireland claims the sex was consensual and that he is only guilty of not paying the prostitutes because they ran away after the sex with his knife at their throat. Ireland's attorney: “When a prostitute negotiates payment for sex and doesn’t get paid, is that rape?”