Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just Back...

Just back from the Regatta in Nantucket. When the clambake settles, I’ll post some thoughts and “snaps”.



Tres Amusant

I was directed to an hilarious item written by someone who "Had to go to Target Today" complete with links to additional images to punctuate. Read on...

I had to go to Target today.

Yeah, I know, but they have something there that I find difficult to find elsewhere, so I just hadda go.

Standing in line in front of me was a woman Who Lives In A World Without Mirrors reading a copy of People/Us/Entertainment Weekly/whatever with a cover story about Jessica's New Bikini Body Secrets. This would probably be a good time to mention that the aforementioned woman was sporting an ass that looked like it was hosting a puppy convention that was currently having a dance. Next to her stood one of her spawn, a boy about ten in a sleeveless T who bore an uncanny resemblance to the Michelin Man except for the fact that, instead of being pasty white, he had the reddened face of either a potential high blood pressure victim or JD Hayworth (R-Stroke Anytime Now) or possibly both. Spread out on the checkstand counter before them was a Jonah-sized box of Ding-Dongs and other assorted fatty snacks.

The store muzak was playing: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Elton John & Kiki Dee.

It was like that God I keep hearing about was showing me what my private hell is going to look like.

The horror. The horror....

The Frenchy's House Party Yacht Crew

Here's the crew "on alert for our arrival on Nantucket.

A Monument to a Gay Person??!!?? A Marvel Indeed


A bronze statue honoring what is believed to be the first openly gay man in Canada was unveiled Saturday in Toronto's gay village. Alexander Wood moved to Upper Canada, now Ontario, in 1793 from Scotland. He settled in the town of York which became modern day Toronto. His sexuality was never a secret and even in repressive colonial times he was a respected merchant. He was later appointed the growing town's magistrate and in 1826 he purchased 50 acres of land on the northeast corner of Carlton and Yonge streets.

But, Wood was forced to leave Canada after a scandal during a rape trial he was conducting. The woman who made the charge claimed that she had left a scratch on her assailant's penis. When Wood proceeded to inspect the man's organ in the privacy of his office the townsfolk were outraged. The forested area around his homestead was dubbed "Molly Wood's Bush". At the time Molly was a slang expression for a gay man.

Local historians say that despite Wood's hasty departure back to England there has been at least one gay man living in the area ever since. Today that area is Toronto's gay village, the third largest LGBT community in North America, and three streets are named for Wood - Wood Street, Alexander Street, and Alexander Place.

A gay pipe band led dignitaries up Church Street to the unveiling of the statue on the corner of Alexander Street. The memorial cost $200,000 and was paid for by the community business council and the City Of Toronto. The eight-foot solid bronze statue was created by renowned Canadian sculptor Del Newbigging. The Alexander Wood statue is one of just a few significant gay-focused monuments in the world - and is thought to be the only one dedicated to a specific gay hero.

“Alexander Wood’s story is an important part of our city’s history and our gay community’s history. The statue is an important symbol to show our lesbian and gay youth that we have a history. Wood was a great citizen of Toronto. A great, gay citizen active in politics and community,” stated Mr. O’Connor, chair of the Church Wellesley Business Improvement Association.

Memorial Day Weekend Day One

Spent the day “tooting” around with La Contessa Pomidori doing a little shopping. We stopped in at a little thrift shop in Yarmouth and found a great chest of drawers that was very solidly made, dovetailed joints (even on the top of the chest) and 12 drawers. We both thought the same thing… black semi-gloss paint rubbed on the edges, some new hardware and voila! I now have a dining room console that I shopped around on the Internet for, listed at $599-1500 that I just bought for $60! I’ll invest about $120 in paint and hardware. I love thrift store shopping!

Spent the evening watching the tube with Hubby. Sunday we have been invited to go to the VIP Clambake at the Figawi Regatta (the premiere sailing/boating regatta in New England) on Nantucket. We’re flying over in the morning, clambake is at 1:30 and then the 5:00 flight home. QuĂ© glamoroso! I’m taking the “cam” so if I can I’ll get a pic of Teddy Kennedy’s red nose.