Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Couple of More Photos from Mr. B

Scott says it is madness there. The paparazzi are everywhere!

  1. Paparazzi outside "target's" place in Prague.
  2. Stairs to Castle Hill
  3. Scott the paparazzo
  4. View of Prague from Prague Castle

More Photos from Mr. B

I received these today from Mr. B. The guy in the tree was arrested for being a pest and he can be seen being arrested again in the next photo.


  1. Castle Hill
  2. A church in Prague
  3. A "Pap" in a tree trying to get a shot. He was pulled out of that tree and arrested.
  4. The same one getting arrested for poking a hole in a fence to get a photo
  5. The "gentlemen of the press" setting up

Friday, May 04, 2007

Some more photos from Mr. B


  1. Prague Castle
  2. Mr. B in a Prague square

Some photos of Mr. B

I thought I'd post these photos that Mr. B sent.


  1. The "quay" under tthe Charles Bridge
  2. A square in Prague
  3. Hi Mr. B!
  4. One of the trams in Prague
  5. A view of the Charles Bridge from its tower
  6. Husband

Chatting with Mr. B on Skype

Just talked to Mr. B on Skype. It is pretty cool to video call when he's on a job. Enjoy the view!

Hooray! It's Fixed!

It looks as though Blogger has finally figured out how to fix my blog and return it to the living.... Thanks!

I'll try to be a little more prolific in blogging.

Thanks for your patience.