Friday, June 11, 2010


Just as an aside (and frankly because I am bored) here is my take on fiber supplements: 

I was watching TV last week and I saw some woman describing the benefits for older people (like me) of taking a fiber supplement. You all know I am on this Jenny Craig diet thing so I am eating much less. I have noticed that with the decrease in the amount of food I eat there is a corresponding decline in "ejecta" for lack of a better and less graphic word. So, I figured I'd go to Stop and Shop and get myself a bottle of fiber and I'd be as happy and well adjusted as that girl on the TV was. 

I browsed the "fiber" aisle as inconspicuously as I could, making sure I examined the products labeled fiber supplements and not laxatives so if anyone came by they wouldn't think I was all plugged up or something. Goodness, there are a lot of products from which to choose. I finally settled on FiberChoice. They are these big (about the size of 5 1/2-dollar coins stacked up) chewable tablets that say nothing about being laxatives on the package, just pretty photos of vegetables. I took the stuff to the self-scan check out line and went home with them.

Let me give you a piece of advice. If you haven't taken something like this before you are in for a real treat. The bloating... the wind... the constant feeling like there's something wriggling around in your belly. I am hoping that this settles down a bit after I've been taking it for a while. Frankly I'm not sure which is worse. Being "less than productive" after one's morning coffee or being full of fiber. "Wait and see" is the operative phrase for the next week or so.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I hope this works!

Sorry for testing this out on you folks but I am trying to link the House Party to Twitter and Facebook. This is the test. I hope it's the last one you are subjected to. Bear with me.


Jenny Craig Diet Update, Week 10

It has been two weeks since I last gave an update to my diet. I had taken the time off as we were having a barbecue for Memorial Day and I didn't want to have to deny myself the pleasures of the day and the Jenny Craig office was just not on my "must do" list that day. Also I went nuts the weekend before going out to breakfast, having a luncheon "out" and other things I shouldn't so I was sure that when I went to Jenny's yesterday I would be in the "plus" column rather than the "minus". It turns out I did alright. I lost 3.8 pounds bringing the grand total to 33.8 pounds in 10 weeks! 

Check back next week!

Check out this new celebrity gossip site from Mr. B

Mr. B and his partner have started MelvinKnows a new celebrity gossip website that has some really great "dish". Go take a look and make sure you let all of your friends know about it. We want some "buzz". 

You have your assignment so get those address books out and let the gossiping begin!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Holy Crimes

This week in Holy Crimes courtesy of JoeMyGod.Com:

Illinois: Pastor Christian J. Johnson and his wife arrested for car theft and meth possession.
Maryland: Pentecostal Bishop Roan Samuel Faulkner arrested for sexually assaulting a female parishioner.
Canada: Bishop Raymond Lahey set to begin trial for possession of child pornography. Lahey has also been accused of molesting an orphan boy in his care.
New York: Pastor Phillip Joubert puts his church up for bail collateral after being charged with rape, incest, and sexual abuse of a child. Joubert does not own the church.
Maryland: Father
Michael L. Barnes pleads guilty to child molestation.
Ireland: Father Oliver O'Grady will get $94K from his diocese in an annuity payment, even though he's been convicted of child molestation.
Connecticut: Pastor Iura Godenciuc to pay $26K in fines after larceny arrest for lying about his address to change the school his kids attend. The school district says he owes $76K.
Australia: Father Victor Farrugia charged with eight counts of indecent sexual assault.
Florida: Youth Pastor Paul A. Lisowski stabs himself in the neck as deputies close in to arrest him for violating a protection order on an underage girl.
Nigeria: Father Felix Afolayan charged with defrauding 110 people of millions by promising them Canadian visas.
Colorado: Pastor Douglas Alan Scott loses appeal on $12M hedge fund scam conviction. Scott defrauded more than 400 parishioners.
Italy: Bishop Gino Reali charged as an accessory for covering up multiple child molestations committed by a priest in his diocese.

This Week's Winner
Denmark: In 2005 a Catholic priest in charge of teaching children was convicted of downloading 38 child pornography films, but it wasn't until last month that he was suspended. And Bishop Czeslaw Kozlon, head of the Catholic Church in Denmark, didn't even tell his parish why the suspension finally took place. (They learned the truth from reporters.) The Danish Catholic Church is also facing accusations that an elderly senile nun froze to death after she was locked out of church for making noise during the morning pra