Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"The dreams that you wish will come true"

With the Mega-Millions jackpot at $200,000,000, and with a few minutes to daydream I have found the perfect home to buy when we win. Often times when I go on these property websites I'll see these mega-homes that are very "glam" on the outside but then you go inside and the owners, thinking that they have great taste and don't need a decorator, fill the place with cheap or knock-off furniture that is neither the right style or scale for the "environment". I would change nothing about this home. It is a Mediterranean masterpiece that is on Riven Rock Road in Montecito, California. The price tag? A mere $19,500,000. Wish us luck!!

The front facade. I love the neatly clipped grass between the paving stones.

This beautiful double staircase in the entryway is lit by an antique Murano glass chandelier hanging from a frescoed dome.

The dining room is so chic in muted grays with crystal chandelier and sconces. I love the cameo-backed French fauteuils covered in velvet.

What a beautiful spot to play the piano in the morning.

The "salon" with two fireplaces is absolutely stunning. Muted shades of gray and fawn are punctuated with splashes of color from flowers and plants.

The kitchen has great built in cabinetry for your china and crystal.

This is the solarium. Casual but "smart". I love the Empire-style lighting.

The oak paneling in the library is just lovely.

The master bedroom

Isn't this pool pavilion patio beautiful?

Several views of the house from the garden and aerial views as well.

I love this little "folly" in the garden.

The pool pavilion from the terrace

An aerial view
The site plan

The floor plan of the house

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston

Just back from a fab brunch at the Ritz... stuffed and sleepy. Will fill you all in tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all!

Frenchy (with Santa)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is this guy insane or what??!!??

The righties are going completely nutz over the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Wait till you hear this!

"If a homosexual signs up now, he’s stuck with the whole magilla. Go to your superior officer now and say, hey, I’m a flaming homosexual, I hate the army, let me out of here, the superior officer will say, tough darts, those days are gone. You’re stuck with us now, Nancy-boy. So, who’s sorry now?

"The more this message resounds, the fewer homosexuals will want to enlist. It’s one thing to be gay, and say, hey, I’ll give it a few weeks and then bail if I don’t like the food, can’t get enough action in the barracks, or thought I’d enjoy ogling male soldiers in the shower more than I did. Those days are now shortly to be a distant memory for our homosexual friends. They enlist, they’re stuck with the whole program just like everybody else.

"In other words, they had preferential treatment and special privileges, a status and privileges and an exit strategy denied to their honest and straight counterparts. And homosexuals just bargained it away. Now, they will discover to their dismay, they’re back to having equal rights instead of special rights."
American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, who once predicted rampant gay rapes, AIDS infections, and battlefield boyfriend spats should DADT be repealed.

Holiday Funnies

Holiday Cooking

I decided to make candy last night. White Chocolate, Peanut & Pretzel Bark. Who will be the lucky recipients? 

Assemble your ingredients. 18 oz. white chocolate chips, 2 cups dry-roasted peanuts, 3 cups of broken (not crushed) pretzel sticks. That's it!

Melt chocolate over a pot of simmering water until smooth and lump-free.

Fold  pretzels and peanuts into the melted chocolate.

Spread out onto sheet pans lined with parchment paper. Let cool at least 4 hours or until very hard. Do not cool in the fridge. Break into small pieces and serve.

This should be good

Mike Rogers, gay rights activist and blogger (blogactive.com) has posted the following tweet:

According to Wonkette:

Loathesome Southern Dandy Lindsey Graham About To Be Outed
Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s favorite lifelong bachelor and former military prosecutor, is always reliably against homosexuals having any basic human rights in America because Lindsey’s a Republican, y’all. Anyway, famous outer-of-self-hating-queers Mike Rogers says he’s got pictures of one of Lindsey’s boy toys leaving Lindsey’s house. This would be SHOCKING because come on, everybody knows Republicans cannot be gay because Jesus did not make gays.

Mike Rogers says on his Twitter:
I wonder if Lindsey Graham knows I have pictures of a man who spent the night at his house. pls RT
– 10:57 AM Dec 18th

Just reached lawyer at home. Meeting set for Tues. on releasing pix of man who spent night at Lindsey Graham’s.
– 11:05 AM Dec 18th
While this is looking very good for John McCain and the gay distractions that bedevil his crazy head, we must also wonder if John McCain will call for the execution of his best boy pal in all of Washington, because everybody knows that America WILL NOT TOLERATE any gay “distractions” when people are getting blown, and getting their legs blown off.

Mike Rogers has been outing gay-bashing, self-loathing queer politicians for some time now and has a record of being absolutely right on everyone he has outed.  He outs only those who are vehemently anti-gay in their records and that are huge hypocrites. I can't wait to see how this progresses.

Monday, December 20, 2010

That didn't take long

I must say that there is no limit to the lengths that some bigots won't go to keep their environment all white, all straight, and with the males in control. to whit"

From the Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog:

Following this weekend's vote by the Senate to allow gays to openly serve in the military, Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince WIlliam) said he is drafting a bill for the 2011 legislative session that would ban them from serving in the Virginia National Guard.

"This policy will weaken military recruitment and retention, and will increase pressure for a military draft,'' Marshall said. "After 232 years of prohibiting active, open homosexuals from enlisting in our military, President Obama and a majority in Congress are conducting a social experiment with our troops and our national security...In countries where religions and cultures find homosexual acts immoral, the Obama administration's repeal policy will work to the detriment of all American troops in securing local cooperation with our nation's foreign policy goals."

Marshall, who is considering running for U.S. Senate in 2012, is one of the House's most conservative members. He said Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16 of the Constitution gives Virginia the authority to uphold the ban by "reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress."

"The Constitution never would have been ratified if states were not reserved unqualified control of the militia, now called the National Guard," he said.

But Claire Guthrie Gastanaga, general and legislative counsel for Equality Virginia, which advocates for gay rights, said the National Guard is is subject to the same rules as other federal military units. 

"Any state statute seeking to set different standards for the Virginia National Guard would be a nullity with no effect,'' she said. "It is a shame that Delegate Marshall would dishonor the brave men and women serving in our National Guard by seeking to make political points at their expense and waste the time of his colleagues in the Virginia General Assembly who have pressing matters to attend to like balancing the budget and finding solutions to the traffic problems that are the real and present concern of his constituents."

This guy is an a$$h@le of the first order. 

My reaction to the DADT vote

This is huge. 

How was that? Actually I have been waiting for the dust to settle before I said what was on my mind about this. First let me say that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is a great big douchebag coward for taking a pass on voting for the DREAM Act and DADT. The reason? He had to go to a family Christmas party. When there are brave men and women in our services all over the world who cannot even acknowledge their families this cretin uses that as an excuse. What a lame-ass douchebag. 

Second? A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with a co-worker about the DADT repeal. As a woman in a same-sex marriage she was postulating about the repeal as a launching pad to the repeal of the odious Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). You see, her wife is a former government employee, now retired, from whom she gets no spousal benefits due to DOMA. She said that once the government is forced to deal with the legally married spouses of gay and lesbian service members, they will be required to do that for everyone. (I discussed this with my friend Anne Levine on her radio show Anne At Night link here at around 1:17) It only makes sense. It may be a back door way to get this legislation repealed but that door is now wide open and waiting for someone to drive a nice big fat lawsuit right through.

Lets hope that this doesn't take too long though. In just a few years Frenchy will be 62 and eligible for Social Security. It'll be another reason for my husband to keep me around for a while...

Holy Crimes

From JoeMyGod.com:

Over the last seven days...

New York: Monsignor Charles Kavanagh has been defrocked after being found guilty of child molestation by a three-priest Catholic tribunal. He is the highest-ranked New York priest so judged and has not faced criminal charges.
Oklahoma: Pastor Baron Hopgood arrested for embezzlement.
Ireland: Father Oliver O'Grady charged with possessing thousands of child porn images.
Ohio: Pastor Mark Griggs charged with more than 100 felony counts of possessing and distributing child porn.
Britain: Monsignor Michael Smith arrested for child molestation.
Colorado: Pastor Loren Ankarlo pleads guilty to multi-million dollar securities fraud.
Ontario: Father Donald Grecco found guilty on 24 counts of molesting altar boys.
Missouri: Father Gerald Howard indicted on three counts of forcible sodomy of a child. Howard was previously convicted of similar crimes in New Jersey under a different name.
Ohio: Pastor Robert Jones fails to appear at his trial for brandishing a gun at a drive-thru bank teller.
Ireland: Father Tony Walsh likely to have molested hundreds, according to a new report.
Britain: Vicar Dominic Stone convicted of possessing child porn.
Nevada: Pastor Joshua De Los Santos arrested for assaulting a member of a "competing" church for not being holy enough   (See video below).
Tennessee: Pastor David Hoschar indicted for possessing child porn.

This Week's Winner
Georgia: Bishop Eddie Long, who is already facing lawsuits from four young men who accuse him of sexual coercion, has been linked to a massive mortgage fraud operation being run from his church. According to CBS Atlanta, thousands may have lost their homes after paying $1500 during church seminars held by a company that promised to lower their house payments. CBS reports that the seminars are still being held.

Bonus: Two churches getting into a brawl over preaching. Absolutely moronic.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's Rant - Words That Drive Me Crazy

While reading the blogs this morning I was prompted to write this post regarding a couple of words that drive me crazy. First a little background.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs (JoeMyGod.com) this morning and he did a post on one of his favorite hypocrite targets, Tony Perkins, the (douchebag) head of the "Family Research Council" a group recently declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 
"How many brave men and women are liberals willing to sacrifice so that homosexuals can flaunt their lifestyle? The only reason for changing the present policy is if it would help the military accomplish its mission. So far, no one has produced a single reason how it would. Until then, the Senate has to ask itself: Do they want the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands just to appease the political base of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)? If they can live with that, then they're unlike any human beings I've ever met." - Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, in a post agreeing with USMC Commandant James Amos.
This quote, while notable for the sheer bigotry of his stance, also contains the word that set me off this morning. The word is "flaunt". The bigots in this country use the words flaunt and tolerance in their speechifying all of the time and it goes through me like a rocket. 

First flaunt: Merriam-Webster defines the word flaunt as:
1. to display ostentatiously or impudently : parade (flaunting his superiority)
2 to treat contemptuously (flaunted the rules)
Now what does Perkins think is going to happen? Does he think that gay and lesbian service members will wear pink hairnets and sew rainbow flags on their uniforms or wear high heels to the PX? The suggestion is so ludicrous on its face that he should be roundly jeered simply for being an idiot to suggest such a thing. There are codes of conduct in place now that would preclude any unusual behavior in the military. If he is referring to a relationship with a service member of the same sex, there are also already rules governing conduct of relationships in the military. He is simply using the word "flaunt" to incite the "ick factor" in the rest of the uneducated, bigoted, reactionary Christianist hypocrites that march to his drum. This man is a total a$$h@ole. 

The other word that drives me crazy is "tolerance". I do not want to be tolerated. I want the same rights as everyone else in this country. I do not need, require, seek, wish for, pursue, solicit or desire the tolerance of anyone. I demand my rights just the same as Tony Perkins, Pete LaBarbera, Maggie Gallagher or any other Conservative Christianist blowhard that comes our way. Am I told that I have to tolerate their relationships or am I simply expected to accept them.? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pope Palpatine has a bachelorette party at the Vatican with topless male acrobats!

Well... it's partially true. The male acrobats were topless and it was at the Vatican. And Palpatine was veeeerrrry much enjoying seeing them muscular mens with the plucked eyebrows all over each other. Where the hell are the PR folks at the Vatican anyway? Are they all in Key West or something? One or two should have checked to see what was on Herr Pope's schedule.

See for yourself. It's a hoot.

And maybe someone can tell me why the girl in the black leather catsuit didn't have a veil on. Just sayin'.

No Confetti Yet

The US House just passed a stand-alone repeal of the odious policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" by a vote of 250-175. 

I'm not getting too excited about this because of Senator John McCain's opposition to the repeal. There's all kinds of damage that senile old man can do to keep the repeal from passing. Until then... a tentative "Oh-boy!".

At the company holiday party.

Someone actually brought a Fleet enema as a gag gift for the swap. It certainly made me gag!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Procedural vote in Senate dooms repeal of DADT

Sen. Scott (Brown-Eye) Brown, Asshole
Thanks to Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Scott Brown (D-MA) the vote to proceed to debating the Defense Authorization bill that includes the repeal of DADT failed on a vote of 57-40. Murkowski had signaled earlier in the week that she would vote for cloture and supported the repeal and Scott Brown had said that he supported the repeal as well. Manchin, being a cracker from WV had said nothing. 

All I can say is that Brown had better have a good excuse for doing this. The voters of Massachusetts have long supported equality for gays and lesbians and I suspect that we in the LGBT community in Massachusetts will be fairly well mobilized in 2012 to kick that shit-for-brains out of office for this clearly discriminatory vote. 

They didn't even respect the sacrifices of gay and lesbian service members enough to debate this on the floor of the Senate. I thought that this was at least one point where the people of America had decided not to let bigotry and hatred of us get in the way of fairness and equality for all who want to protect our country. 

This filibuster nonsense has got to stop.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oh no!

It is being reported that Aretha Franklin, "The Queen of Soul", has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There were two women in my life besides my sainted mother Marjorie, who were a huge influence on me. One was Julia Child who got me interested in cooking professionally and Aretha Franklin who has been my favorite singer throughout my music-enjoying life. 

This is really terrible news. Good luck Re-Re.

And this is who we have deciding our fates in Washington

I'm sure he says this often:

"God! That Michele Bachmann is an idiot!" Or "God! What a moron."

I know I sure do.

Christo-Fascist American "Family" Association says WikiLeaks is the fault of gays wanting the repeal of DADT

Ohhh... I see. 

From RawStory.com:

A senior official at the American Family Association says the political storm over the WikiLeaks cables shows that gays shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military.

Bryan Fischer, the AFA's head of issues analysis, believes he knows what motivated the man thought to be behind the WikiLeaks release of State Department cables: A "homosexual" agenda.

Private Bradley Manning, who has been in US custody since he was linked to a WikiLeaks release earlier this year, "sold out his country in what may turn out to be fit of gay pique," Fischer writes at the AFA's blog.

Fischer, the AFA's director of issues analysis, writes that Manning "was, at a minimum, seriously confused about his sexuality, and at worst, launched the WikiLeaks campaign to strike back at the military for its 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' policy, which he vehemently opposed."

Manning is "a one-man argument for keeping open homosexuals from serving in the military in the first place," Fischer continues. "If the 1993 law -- which flatly prohibits homosexuals from a place in the armed services -- had been followed, there would be no PFC Bradley Manning and no WikiLeaks."

Fischer provided no evidence that Manning was motivated by opposition to the military gay ban, but the soldier's sexual orientation is now a matter of record.

In a profile of Manning published Tuesday, the Globe and Mail reported that Manning "bridled under the military’s 'don’t ask, don’t tell' policy." 

But computer hacker Adrian Lamo, who is believed to be the person who alerted authorities to the source of the leaks, said Manning was evidently “explaining how the first world exploits the third, in detail, from an internal perspective.”

The AFA is one of the US's most prominent conservative groups, claiming some 2 million supporters. Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center cited Fischer's anti-gay writings when it labeled the AFA a "hate group."
The AFA seeks to support “traditional moral values,” but in recent years it has seemed to specialize in “combating the homosexual agenda.” In 2009, it hired Bryan Fischer ... as its director of analysis for government and policy. ... Fischer claimed in a blog post last May 27 that “[h]omosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and 6 million dead Jews.” ... Fischer has described Hitler as “an active homosexual” who sought out gays “because he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough.” He proposed criminalizing homosexual behavior in another 2010 blog post and has advocated forcing gays into “reparative” therapy.
Even if this were true it would be a most compelling reason for overturning DADT rather than to keep it in place. If gays and lesbians were allowed to serve openly the environment that Fischer says that drove Manning to allegedly do this would not exist. 

The verbal vomit that comes out of these fascists is truly remarkable.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards

You probably have all heard that Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator and Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate (and heel) John Edwards, has passed away due to breast cancer. I have been really touched by this brave woman who has not only suffered from a hideous illness but was put through a public humiliation by her husband's affair and subsequent spawning with a blonde bimbo. That man put that poor woman through the mill and she braved it out and held her head high. She set her rules and put that creature right in his place. 

She will be remembered unfortunately for that nightmare, but she should also be remembered for raising 4 children, for her work as an attorney for the Office of the Attorney General in North Carolina and the administration of the Wade Edwards Foundation, named for her son who was killed in a tragic automobile accident. The woman had it tough but when you saw her on TV she was always brave, fearless and determined to live every day. 

I was very sad when I heard the news.

I am so disappointed today

I am so disappointed in President Obama today I can hardly write this. I supported him for President. I supported him when he caved on the public option in the healthcare reform legislation. I supported him when he caved on deep-water offshore drilling. I was even ready to be disappointed on the DADT policy. But this... adding $800 billion to the deficit to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires because the big, bad Republicans are holding their breath and refusing to budge is beyond belief. WHERE ARE YOUR FU@%ING BALLS Mr. President? Call their bluff. EVERYONE knows these tax cuts will not stimulate the economy. They haven't for the last ten years. These creatures will just take that money and invest it in putting more Republicans into office in the next election so they can rip us off for even more money later. Let them try and pass these tax breaks when they are in the majority in the House and let them take the heat for this travesty. 

Well Barry... now you own this mess. In two years you will be having this disgusting circus all over again.

I am so disappointed in you Mr. President.

Viber for iPhone

I have just discovered Viber for iPhone. Let me walk this back a little for you.

A couple of weeks ago Mr. B was traveling outside the US and as we have been socked with outrageous cell phone bills while he has been traveling I investigated solutions for reducing the cost of communicating with home. Skype? That works but voice calls from Skype require a microphone and speakers for your notebook/computer. Plus if you were calling a non-Skype equipped cell phone you were charged for the call. Google Voice? Same thing. Plus you have to input all of your contacts into those programs and send out notices to everyone to "hook-up" with you on those services.

Enter Viber. It is currently for iPhone only (soon Android and Blackberry). It is a true VOIP program. You install the program/app on your iPhone. It searches your contact manager for anyone else in the world who has a Viber account and the Viber contact book puts a Viber icon in their listing. Then you can make a Wi-Fi/3G call to that person from anywhere for free. No fees at all. And the app is free. The other plus is that it can run in the background and will not drain your battery like Skype and Google Voice do.

From Lifehacker.com:

iPhone: Viber is a free app that's basically Skype meets Google Voice. It can make regular voice calls from your iPhone, but upon calling another Viber user it'll automatically route the call over VOIP and cost you absolutely nothing.

Sage advice

Christo-Fascists in Texas and their war on anyone not Christian

In the interest of disclosure I have relatives that live in Texas. They are lovely kind, generous and hard working types who are the best of what Texas has to offer. That being said The rest of that state is just plain bat-shit crazy!

While going through the news today I was struck by a piece that reports on the tsimes going on in the Texas legislature because the crazy Christian Conservatives object to the Speaker of the House in the Legislature is Jewish. These morons say that Texas is a Christian state and should be run by Christians. 

From ThinkProgress.Org:

Last month, several Tea Party activists formed a right-wing coalition to oust Rep. Joe Straus (R) as Texas House Speaker. They began circulating emails with anti-Semitic messages against Straus, who is Jewish. The groups ran robo-calls and sent out e-mails demanding a “true Christian leader,” and calling Straus’ opponent, Rep. Ken Paxton (R), “a Christian Conservative who decided not to be pushed around by the Joe Straus thugs.” 
Last week, the Texas Observer’s Abby Rapoport reported that she had obtained an email exchange between two members of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) — Rebecca Williamson and John Cook. “We elected a house with Christian, conservative values. We now want a true Christian, conservative running it,” Cook said in one of the emails. “Since the SREC governs state Republican Party affairs,” Rapoport wrote, “this marked the first time an elected party leader had semi-openly called for a ‘Christian conservative’ Speaker.” Cook then explained his views to Rapoport in a subsequent telephone interview:
“When I got involved in politics, I told people I wanted to put Christian conservatives in leadership positions,” he told me, explaining that he only supports Christian conservative candidates in Republican primary races.
“I want to make sure that a person I’m supporting is going to have my values. It’s not anything about Jews and whether I think their religion is right or Muslims and whether I think their religion is right. … I got into politics to put Christian conservatives into office. They’re the people that do the best jobs over all.”
Cook insisted he is not prejudiced against Jews:
“They’re some of my best friends,” he said of Jews, naming two friends of his. “I’m not bigoted at all; I’m not racist.” [...]
“My favorite person that’s ever been on this earth is a Jew,” he said. How can they possibly think that if Jesus Christ is a Jew, and he’s my favorite person that’s ever been on this earth?”
“Ah, I see,” the Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen observed, “It’s not ‘about Jews,’ it’s just that Cook doesn’t think Jews can do the job well because they’re Jews.” Benen addded, “Someday, folks will have to understand that ‘some of my best friends are [fill in the blank with a minority group]‘ is a cliche repeated by bigots. I would have hoped that was obvious by now.”

And of course the racist Cook uses the phrase that  most clearly spells out the fact that he in fact is a lying racist bigot "Some of my best friends" are Jewish. I think there must be something in the air or water in the Texas/Oklahoma area that turns folks into xenophobic half-baked morons who scream out that they are "good God-fearing Christians" that hate everyone and everything that isn't Christian.


Monday, December 06, 2010

Holy Crimes

And in honor of Hanukkah we have an especially nasty "winner" this week. From my favorite website JoeMyGod.com:

Over the last seven days...

Colorado: Pastor Joshua Amoroso charged with sexual assault of a 14 year-old girl.
Germany: Report implicates more than 250 priests and staffers in child abuse scandal at school in archdiocese once headed by the Pope.
Kentucky: Pastor Currie Pat Clark charged with 296 counts of sodomy of a 12 year-old boy.
Georgia: Pastor Brian Richard Gray charged with 58 counts of child molestation, statutory rape, and sexual assault of a 15 year-old girl.
New Jersey: Newspaper reveals documents proving Archbishop John Myers shielded at least four pedophile priests from prosecution.
Michigan: Pastor Curtis Burkhardt charged with exposed his erection to an 11 year-old girl at a campground. Burkhardt has a previous conviction for the same crime with a 3 year-old.
Australia: Father Brian Spillane found guilty on nine counts of molesting preteen girls. Spillane faces four more trials on 135 similar charges.
Oklahoma: Pastor Baron Hopgood charged with fraud in $200K check-kiting scheme.
Ontario: Father William Marshall charged with two counts of sexual assault. Marshall faces similar charges in several other cases.
Ohio: Pastor David Thompson sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling more than $1M from his church.
Britain: Father John Shannon convicted on 16 counts of producing child pornography.
Texas: Pastor Terry Nesmith on trial for molesting 9 year-old girl.
Australia: Father Kevin Philips pleads guilty to multiple counts of child molestation.

This Week's Winner
New York: An unnamed Hasidic rabbi and his son have fled to Israel after being accused of sexually molesting at least four underage female relatives. At least two of the alleged victims are the rabbi's daughters, one of whom says her father has been molesting her since the age of five. Two of the rabbi's other sons were arrested in New York and charged with the sexual abuse and rape of their sisters. One of the arrested sons, age 15, is accused of molesting his 8 year-old sister. Police note that the rabbi and the escaped son were driven to the driven to the airport by the rabbi's wife, who is his first cousin. The two have fourteen children and all names are being withheld to protect the victims.

If you'd like to get a feeling for why I am an atheist you need look no further than this group of "good God-fearing men" to understand. If this were an isolated blog item that ran once in a while on Joe's site I would say "Meh!" and think it wan an aberration (it wouldn't change my views on atheism/agnosticism though), but he puts out a list like this EVERY WEEK!   The only group that is only slightly less hypocritical is the Republican party and that's only because they take their marching orders from the deviants, frauds and thieves described above.


Proposition 8 Appeal is today!

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing oral arguments today on Proposition 8, the California Proposition that outlawed same-sex marriage in California. You may remember that on Aug. 4, U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker held that Proposition 8 violated the federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection of the laws and due process of law, which protects "fundamental" rights -- including marriage.

The oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit are being telecast on C-Span at 1PM EST. This is our government in action folks, deciding on the constitutionality of denying rights to a minority. You may not think that this will be riveting TV but I can assure you that nothing (with the exception of Neil Armstrong's moon walk or Krystle Carrington giving Alexis Colby a bitch-slap in the koi pond) could be of more interest to me. You can also watch here.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Heading into Edaville Railroad

Baking, Pottery Gallery Party, Edaville Railroad

It was a chilly start to the day today so I decided to do a little baking and made that cherry pie you see on the left for my father-in-law. (Shhh... it's a surprise!) It's his favorite pie and I had promised to make one for him for Thanksgiving but I ended up not attending dinner at the in-laws'. I hope he enjoys it. We also have to go to a gallery party and then meet our in-laws at Edaville Railroad to enjoy one last ride on the holiday train before the place closes for good. I think it's going to be a great nostalgic thing to do and I am so looking forward to it. 

Photos to come, I'm sure.

Let the social swirl begin!

From Thanksgiving to January 2nd, our lives become one big dash from one social engagement to another. And how many of us just wish that we could hide in our homes and pull the blankets over our heads and cry "Enough!!"?

Well perhaps that is too harsh. I suppose I should be grateful that I can get around and have friends that throw events around the holidays but when you have two or three events a weekend and a couple during the week I think that one needs to do a little paring down. 

So without any further ado may I say "Thanks for the invitation. I accept." However, if the day of the event comes and I suddenly come down with "the grippe" let me also say "I heard the party was fabulous and I'm sorry I couldn't be there."

Whew! I think this completes my social obligations for the season. That was easier than expected. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!