Saturday, December 20, 2008

Look Out! She's Coming Home!!

The Royal Palace in Sicily has announced that Sally, Contessa di Pomodori, will arrive at the Winter Palace on Bass River sometime today (12-20-08). The Palace also said that Her Ladyship is feeling much better and will only need 12 attendants to assist after the operation on her knee.

Benvenuta alla domestica, Contessa!

Vista della Fiume Basso
Alla Castello dei Pomodori

1st Snowstorm of the 2008 season

Taken at 7am on Saturday the 20th of December at Buttonwoods, the Frenchy's House Party Clubhouse.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another From The "Standing Head" Collection

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The congregation of the 7,000-member Trinity Chapel in Powder Springs learned Sunday that founding pastor Jim Bolin had stepped down from his position because of “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

Justin Harley, Trinity Chapel’s elder of counseling, later revised the church’s statement to officially include the phrase “inappropriate consensual sexual conduct with an adult woman” to explain Bolin’s departure.

Bolin is to take the two years away from the pulpit for a restoration process, church officials told the congregation Sunday.

During the emotional 90-minute service, church officials said Bolin would go through a two-year “restoration process,” which includes counseling, through the Church of God. Bolin did not attend the service.

Of course they wanted to make sure no one thought it was with a man.

The Contessa's Knee Replacement

I've just spoken with The Contessa di Pomodori who had her knee replaced yesterday and she's not feeling well. The morphine has made her sick to her stomach and she is having some discomfort (that's medical lingo for PAIN!!). I will keep you updated on her condition. Mr. B and I are going to visit her this evening.

Get well soon Lady Sally!

Two Words From President Bush

From "The Daily Dish"

The Words Of Bush

Two of them, in fact, that summarizes his entire, cosseted, spoiled, rich-kid attitude:

"So what?"

That's how he acknowledges that there was no al Qaeda in Iraq to speak of before he created a power vacuum through his botched war and occupation. So two wars to cripple al Qaeda actually gave al Qaeda and Jihadism in general two new bases for operation: Iraq and Waziristan. Thanks to the amazing work of many troops and generals and Iraqis, al Qaeda is at bay (though not defeated) in Iraq, but resurgent in Pakistan. Which is to say that several thousand Americans - and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis - died to get us back to Square One.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Sneeze In The Shower!

President Bush comments on the Iraq War

This is taken from Pam's House Blend:

Just to show you that Bush is completely delusional and disgusting about the last 8 years as Destructor in Chief, after the shoe-throwing, he gave this incredible assessment to ABC of his "hard work" on the War on TerrorTM and his obliteration of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Bush: There have been no attacks since I have been president, since 9/11. One of the major theaters against al Qaeda turns out to have been Iraq. This is where al Qaeda said they were going to take their stand. This is where al Qaeda was hoping to take ...

Raddatz: But not until after the U.S. invaded.

Bush: Yeah, that's right. So what? The point is that al Qaeda said they're going to take a stand. Well, first of all in the post-9/11 environment Saddam Hussein posed a threat. And then upon removal, al Qaeda decides to take a stand. And they're becoming defeated and I think history will say, one, the world was better off without Saddam, two, along with the Iraqi troops we have denied al Qaeda a safe haven because a young democracy is beginning to grow, which will be an important sign for people in the Middle East.

January 20th...

Today's Holiday Round-up

Yesterday (Sunday) was the annual Maxwell Family Christmas Party at the home of Tara Maxwell. The "Gurls" and I attended for a little while and had a pretty good time schmoozing with the rest of the folks. We were also joined by Mr. B. He often does not get to attend these things as he is usually away on hush-hush "pap" business. Food was tasty. I brought the old standby of cocktail meatballs (that name always sounds , I don't know, somehow dirty) made with grape jelly and chili sauce .They seemed to be a hit as all 100 of them were gone in the 1.5 hours I was there. Here is a little video of the occasion:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amazing Video

President Bush on a "secret" trip to Iraq held a news conference today where an Iraqi journalist took off his shoes and threw them at the President. President Bush had to duck to avoid getting hit in the head by the shoes. Where was this man's security? Is it the Keystone Kops running things over there? Now as much as I dislike the man I think that the incident is disturbing. It is supposed to be a great insult (the showing of the soles of the shoes), and it is just another example of the depth that Bush has driven our image overseas. What is it, January 20th we see the back of this guy?

A New Feature At Frenchy's House Party!!

We here at Frenchy's House Party have just started watching Dynasty on disks from Netflix. I can remember nightclubs having Dynasty parties every Wednesday at 9 just so people could watch and marvel at the antics of Alexis Morrel Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan. The show really is a scream.

Every couple of days I will post a sampling of the dishiness, plotting, catfights, and all-around madness that was Dynasty all of those years ago.

Let's start with this one. Alexis meets Krystle for the first time. Alexis has just moved into the studio Blake gave her (on the birth of son Stephen), building, land, deed. She has gone over to "the big house" to ask the cook Mrs. Gunnarson to order a few small things as she is still moving in. Just the basics, mind you... food, pots and pans, china, glassware, silver, a case of champagne. The bare essentials. Oh, yes... and Alexis also wants Mr. Gunnarson to hire a cook and a maid! She really has some brass that Alexis...