Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olbermann EVISCERATES Fox "News", "Scum" Andrew Breitbart Over Shirley Sherrod Media Assassination And Pleads With Obama To Stop Enabling Them

KO, taking a break from his nascent vacation blasted Fox "News" and Conservative hack Andrew Breitbart over the hatchet job they did on USDA official Shirley Sherrod in a Special Comment on his show hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell in KO's absence. That poor woman was filleted, fried and served up to Fox "News" by Breitbart using selective editing to make Ms. Sherrod seem to say she had discriminated against some poor white folks while a member of the USDA. In reality the tape of Ms. Sherrod recounting how she overcame her prejudices to do the right thing and help out the folks who she was working with 26 years ago. Shew was not even an official or connected with the USDA at that time. Even the folks who Breitbart and Fox say Ms. Sherrod discriminated against said that not only were they helped by Sherrod but they are friends with her now! Unbelievable! Then the USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack fired the poor woman without even investigating at all! It was shameful. If anyone at the USDA should be fired it is that idiot Vilsack.

I was wondering if KO could keep still about this one even while on vacation and he did not let anyone down. Ooo... he let them have it but good!   Watch below:

Oh Snap!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Why didn't you tell me your aunt was literate?"

Those words exclaimed by Gloria Upson in the movie "Auntie Mame" pop into my head each time House Party demi-mondine Tobin has something printed in the paper. This time he has written to USA Today and it was published today in the Opinion section under the heading "Progressives, States must leave marriage to the church". Tobin decided to comment on the Hawai'ian governer Linda Lingle's misguided and patently stupid veto of the same-sex partnership bill passed by the Hawai'ian Legislature. 

Hawaii governor wrong

When Republican Gov. Linda Lingle of Hawaii vetoed the Legislature's attempt to give same-sex couples the same rights as married people, she said not one person or group should decide this issue.

Her one-woman veto of the bill is the height of hypocrisy. Her dismissal of the Legislature is astonishing. What is it going to take to convince people that it's not the American way to put your neighbors' rights up for a vote? History has proved that.
Tobin Wirt; Sandwich, Mass.

You said it Mary!

More photos of Madame la Dinde

I was wise enough to put a good camera in the car with me this morning just in case I ran across Madame la Dinde on the way home for luncheon and sure enough she was there avec son dindonneaux. It was great!

Topsy Turvy Tomato Update

It seems that my efforts to fend off a tomato blight may be working. The plant that I did not have to throw out seems to be feeling just fine. It is setting a lot of fruit and they are growing like mad. Let's hope Ceres will smile upon them and I'll have marinara made with tomatoes from my own garden at last!

The plant is looking pretty healthy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Country Living

I think that living on Cape Cod with its influx of summer visitors and crowds, the ubiquitous chain supermarkets, restaurants and  box stores, one forgets that we are still living in, essentially, the country. That fact was brought home to me in the last couple of days.

Yesterday while driving home on Freemans Way in Brewster from the Shaw's Market in Orleans, a large deer leaped out of the woods and across the road in front of me! It was very cool and it made me think that I am in fact, living in the country. Not 400 yards down on Freemans Way I saw a horse and rider galloping down the side of the road too reinforcing my "living in the country" reverie. 

Today I was leaving my house heading back to work and at the end of our street I saw a large hen turkey in the road! On closer examination I saw she had 6 turkeyettes with her just ambling across the road, not really caring about me or my car. It also was very cool to see. They finally went off into the woods and me on my way to work. 

Sorry about the photo quality. Although I love my iPhone, it takes crappy photos...

Madame la Dinde

et son dindonneaux

What's for lunch Jenny?

In today's installment of "What's to eat Jenny" we will examine an example of a luncheon item from Jenny (Craig's) "Cuisine". Today's item is Cheesy Mashed Potatoes and Fried Chicken. It apparently is Jenny's take on the "bowls" offered to us fatties at "The Colonel's" place. Looks pretty tasty on the package but the item out of the microwave is pretty off-putting. I will say however that this is one of my favorite luncheon items because it is quick and very tasty. You do also need to give it a good stir to mix it all together otherwise the potatoes are dry and the sauce is a little gloppy. As I said last time... "No wonder I'm losing weight". 


Dans Notre Jardin

In all of my blathering on about my Topsy-Turvy Tomatoes I have neglected to mention what I found growing in the perennial bed near the garage at the House Party. Since I usually don't head over into the perennial bed too much (that's why you have perennials, n'est ce pas?) I really hadn't noticed the lovely Liliae Speciosa var. Rubrum growing there. I grabbed these beauties out of the garden as soon as I noticed that they were ready to bloom and popped them in the dining room of Frenchy's House. 

This Autumn I think I will put in some more of these for cutting next year. Perhaps the white variety as the Rubrums are a bit "outrĂ©". 

Gulf water EXPLODES in lab test

That's right... the water explodes! Jeezus!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy Crimes

The hypocrite pigs!


Missouri: Pastor Charles Moore charged with molesting a nine year-old girl.
Illinois: Pastor Bill Vandergraph charged with sexual assault on a child.
Ottawa: Father William Allen charged with molesting two boys.
Washington: Pastor James Lee Watkins charged with forcible rape of a child.
South Carolina: Pastor Delbert Thigpen charged with lewd assault on a minor.
West Virginia: Father Felix Owino charged with molesting an 11 year-old girl.
Texas: Pastor Gerald Laneaux charged with aggravated sexual assault of a four year-old girl.
Florida: Pastor Kenneth Kleckner charged with attempted child molestation in webcam sting.
Texas: Pastor Dean Tarkington sentenced to ten years in prison in child porn sting.
Wisconsin: Pastor Leonard Van Vlaenderen convicted of theft of church funds.
Alabama: Pastor J. Scott Moore ordered to hand over financial records in $1M fraud investigation.
Illinois: Father Daniel McCormack and Chicago Archdiocese sued by four of his molestation victims.

This Week's Winner
Wisconsin: Father Patrick Umberger has been charged with possession of child porn. Last year Umberger was accused of repeatedly following little boys into the restroom at a water park. The water park ejected him, revoked his season pass, and placed his name on a predator watch list, but the Milwaukee Archdiocese took no action, saying they believed his claim that a prostate problem required frequent trips to the restroom. (But only when little boys were in there too.)

Odd that more gay men don't watch sporting events...

...when you have stuff like this going on!

Mickelson seems to be enjoying himself

A-Rod working on his next conquest...

Get a room ladies!

I give up!

You missed that shot and now you pay!

Oh Mary don't ask!

Gay? Yes it is a little...


Oh Christiano!

Take that you savage you!

Is this a tag team? Just asking...

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