Friday, March 14, 2014

Still a long way to go. Anti-Gay pastor shows 'God's love' with this sign in front of his church

The next time one of your conservative friends says something like "the tide is turning towards equality for gays and lesbians so why do we need something like The Employment Non-Discrimination Act" or something along those lines, show them this picture and tell them this story. From

Last month Harlem Pastor James Manning earned national headlines when he posted a billboard declaring that President Obama has "released homo demons on the black man." Today Manning upped the Christian Love™ with the above sign.  According to Manning's YouTube clip posted this morning, Christians who refuse to stone homosexuals to death are "advocating lawlessness." He goes on: "Stoning of the homos is now in order. Stoning is still the law." We'll stand by for Christian leaders to denounce Pastor Manning, but don't hold your breath - there was nothing but silence last month.


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