Thursday, March 13, 2014

GOP Primary Challenger says South Carolina is tired of 'Ambiguously Gay' Lindsey Graham

Don't you just love it when they claw at each others' throats?? Wait until Miss Lindsey gets her claws out!

From TPM (my bolding):

Feliciano, a police officer from Spartanburg, S.C. with no political experience, made an agreement with three other candidates challenging Graham to support each other if any of them make it to the runoff election.

"We're ready for a new leader to merge the Republican Party. We're done with this," he said. "This is what it's about, all of us coming together and saying, one way or the other, one of us is going to be on that ballot in November."

He signed the pledge along with Richard Cash, state Sen. Lee Bright and Bill Connor.

"We, the undersigned genuine conservative Republicans, agree to endorse whichever one of our fellow signers advances to the run-off election against incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham following the South Carolina Republican primary election for the U.S. Senate on the 10th of June 2014," the pledge reads, according to The State.

Connor, an attorney, said his fellow candidate's remarks about Graham were a personal attack. And Cash, a businessman, said Feliciano's comments were "inappropriate," according to The State.


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