Thursday, October 16, 2014

Local Conservative Radio Host Serves Up A Nice Big Cup Of Terrorism Over Breakfast

Local Conservative windbag, Ed (Osama bin) Lambert has spent the last few mornings whipping up his audience into a race-baiting, anti-government, FEMA conspiracy, black helicopter frenzy over this Ebola story. Like most of his ilk, Lambert is using what he says is a legitimate story to frighten and terrorize his audience with everything from porous borders, typhoid, and the, so he says, complete lack of coherent response to the "crisis" in America.  I fully expect him to recommend buying more duct tape and sealing yourself in your house with a 55-gallon drum of barbecue sauce so you'll have enough to last until the crisis is over. Instead of helping to assuage the fears of his audience with facts, he regurgitates every conspiracy-filled email and call to his audience and then while most of his 65+ audience is trying to adjust their hearing aids to catch the other parts of the story that they may have missed, he quickly says something to the effect that "I don't believe that's the case" or some other dismissive quip. Most of these folks have heard this crap on Fox News and by the time they refocus on the radio, he's onto another nut with yet another 'theory' of how Obama probably brought this disease to our country when he was born in Kenya and held onto the virus until he was in power. 

It's way past time for these media whores to stop endangering all of our lives with these ridiculous fear-mongering, attention-getting antics and try to give people the truth. Not the "truth" that their deranged black helicopter-fearing audience belches out after gluing themselves to Fox News' talking (empty) heads shows. 

Shame on you Ed!

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