Sunday, December 19, 2004

***Hypocrisy Alert***

Now Frenchy's House Party's 1st Hypocrisy Alert. I'll scan the media for Hypocrisy and report it here. I suppose I'll have to name the alert after a big hypocrite. Any suggestions?

Here's our first report:

Pope: Gay Marriage 'Destroys The Fabric Of Society'
by Newscenter Staff

(Vatican City) Pope John Paul launched a new assault on same-sex marriage on Saturday accusing gays of an "aggressive attempt to legally undermine the family."

In his strongest words on the subject yet the 84-year old pontiff's pre-Christmas message called on Catholics around the world to step up their opposition to gay marriage.

"Attacks on marriage and the family, from an ideological and legal aspect, are becoming stronger and more radical every day," his statement said.

"Who destroys this fundamental fabric causes a profound injury to society and provokes often irreparable damage."

The Pope also attacked couples who live together, abortion and artificial insemination. -My emphasis- (More here)

I would say we have more to worry about from pedophile priests and clergy who are victimizing our youth than from gays and lesbians who just want equal rights and the right to live our lives in peace. Just a thought.

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