Saturday, March 12, 2005

"It's Been A Long Time"

I know it has been a while since last I wrote, but boy has it been hectic. I will try to catch you up on what has been happening at the House Party.

Last week Button and I went to his hometown for an overnight stay. He was going to a "Past & Present" firefighter's dinner/drinking party at a local spot. I guess that they had "cocktails", dinner, and then a slide presentation of scenes from various fires and rescues that they had worked on. He said that he had a great time and that the stories sure brought back a lot of memories. He really did enjoy it. He said that they were going to plan one of these every year from now on. I suspect that they could have a nice boozy get-together at a local spot every year and one of these "Past and Present" things every two years or something like that. Might be a better idea so it stays fresh. Just my humble opinion. Frankly I couldn't care less if he wants to go every month as he enjoyed it so much. Congrats to the hometown fire department for the great event.

Meanwhile I was supposed to have dinner with my Mother-in-law, Deb. We were going to go to dinner at a place just across the street from where the firefighter's dinner was. I could just imagine the raucousness coming from that party into our restaurant. Unfortunately Mom had developed the flu that has been decimating businesses around here for the last month and was really not feeling well. I ended up staying at the "hotel" that we were staying at. What a place! Don't get me wrong... it was clean and handy to the center of town, but it probably hasn't changed since the mid seventies. I had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel called "Pikes Peak"... a barbecue place that was decorated with dynamite boxes. In this day and age, it was hopelessly tasteless. My bbq, however, was delicious. I had pulled pork on potato skins (no editorializing please), and a salad. It really was quite good. Besides, after 3 Dewars on the rocks surrounded by all of that dynamite, the boxes would've tasted great with bbq sauce on them. Button got back around 11 and had a bit of a glow about him so we talked about the party he went to and went to sleep. Dull story, I know, but just wanted to catch you up.

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