Saturday, August 20, 2005

Provincetown Carnival Weekend 2005

Buzzy, Sassy, Tobina and the Contessa Pomidori hit Provincetown for the annual Carnival Parade, this year's theme being "Heroes & Villains". Boy what a good time we had. The parade was terrific! The girls came down during the morning on parade day and we found ourselves a good spot and waited for the fun. You can view the photos here.
We went out to dinner at Enzo on Commercial Street (which we have enjoyed in it's previous incarnation as Esther's). Dinner was a bit disappointing. I will describe only my dinner as I shouldn't review other's taste. I started with Lobster Canneloni with Artichoke Pesto as my anitpasto. What surprised me about this was that it was served cold. The canneloni pasta didn't seem cooked, however it was quite thin. It was filled with ricotta cheese and chopped lobster. The filling was ok, abeit a little bland. I could not taste the lobster at all. The Artichoke Pesto was terrific, however.
For my "primi" I chose to share an order of Linguini Carbonara with Mr. B. Now I happen to adore a good carbonara, but that was not what I got. The eggs in the sauce had congealed and sat on top of the pasta and sauce. There was certainly pancetta in the sauce, but it had very little flavor and not enough salt or pepper. The pasta was cooked perfectly.
For my "secondi" I chose a rack of Lamb with Smoked Mashed Potato and Haricots Verts and a Grapa demi-glaze. That was delicious. All things worked well together and tasted great. A well done for that course.
We opted out of dessert and hit an ice cream parlor on Commercial Street for "afters". We parked ourselves on "The Meatrack" in front of Town Hall for a half-hour or so to watch "the show".
I must say that it was a great time all things considered. We left on Friday morning after stopping at Devon on Commercial Street for breakfast (Eggs Benedict with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Grilled Tomatoes). The food there is great. Buzzy and I have recently met the owners of the Blue Room of Kendall Square for dinner there as well. I must say that they are doing a terrific job there. I'm sure I will visit that restaurant again.

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