Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Frenchy's House Party's First Soiree in New Location!

The first House Party thrown at Frenchy & Buzzy's new place on the Cape was Saturday night (10/01/05), and quelle soiree it was too! Here are a few items from the party:
  • Betty & Clay were the first to arrive (as well as the last to leave), bringing with them the news that there was a person lurking outside in a car presumably waiting for someone else to arrive before being the first guest themselves. It turned out to be Bradford from Frenchy's office. Betty and Clay are two of my oldest friends on the Cape and lovely people to boot. Betty always has the latest gossip on just about everyone in the area and spills it like water out of a "bubbler". She and Clay brought us a beautiful pottery switchplate cover from Kemp's that went up immediately after the party in the Dining Room. You can see it in the photos in the previous post if you're nutty enough to download the picture and blow it up.
  • The folks from Frenchy's office included HF, a mensch who alternated between mouthfulls of "noshes" and gushes about how fabulous Frenchy and Buzzy are. Always nice to have someone like that around. Bradford, Ron, Eric,wife Rachel and baby Rose, Kevin and his dishy girlfriend Cheryl, Kevin & Leslie, Bob, and Mel and her new beau John were also there. The folks from the office split early to have a couple of "smart ones" at "The Shed" (The Woodshed), a local dive full of townie boozebags and lousy music. All of those folks were a great time. A pleasure to have them with us.
  • Mimi & Kevin (yes there were 3 Kevins at this affair) brought us belated wedding gifts in the form of a lovely creamer & sugar set with bird's eye maple spoon crafted by Kevin at his terrific pottery studio in Barnstable Village named Barnstable Pottery. There was also a pair of coffee mugs with a "dimple" on one to fit snugly into the side of the other. That was such a nice gift from the pair.
  • Bob F brought a huge gift basket of the most delicious things as well as a great big bottle of Dewars (Buzzy's fave). Thanks to Bob for that! In addition lots of bottles of some very nice wines were brought along as well. Everyone was so generous.
  • Food served included a ham with mustards, etc., cheeses, fruits, crudites (I know... yawn), shrimp (now you're talking), and some passed things. Those were Tiny asparagus spears, wrapped in proscuitto with a balsamic vinaigrette and red and yellow pepper "confetti", and "early" new potatoes hollowed and filled with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and dill. Those were a big hit.
  • The party wound up with Buzzy and a couple of guests on the deck having shots of Jagermeister. No wonder a couple of the guests were wobbly on the way out!
All in all, it was a terrific party. The term "fabulous" was certainly thrown around more than once in the party "post-mortem" phone calls. I can't wait for the holiday party we're going to have. It'll have to outdo this last one, but it'll be a pleasure to try.

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