Monday, March 20, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation 2006

Buzzy and I just got back from our vacation to Punta Cana. This is our 3rd time visiting the Dominican Republic. Wow! What a great time we had. On previous trips it raind a lot (albeit only a few minutes at a time... then sun), but this time it rained only at night. It was 85 and sunny every day! Just beautiful. Here is just a quick couple of "snaps". More to come, including a St. Patrick's Day celebration, Dominican-style.

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  1. When a place is as beautiful as the Dominican Republic, no matter how many times you've visited it, it would still be as memorable as ever. Thanks for the post,I really missed the place. Quite a while I've never been in Punta Cana. Keep safe!


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