Friday, August 17, 2007

Provincetown Carnivale Parade 2007

We headed down to Provincetown again for the annual Provincetown Carnivale Parade and it did not disappoint. We really had a wonderful time. Below are some "snaps" of the fun...

The Fabulous Hat Sisters

Nothing Unusual Here

There seemed to be an abundance of Tulle de France in evidence...

... For example...

"Hef" made an appearance with bunnies from his mansion

Our friend Michelle made a guest appearance holding up the Pride flag.

Also, ageing porn star (I'm sure he'd like that if he read it here) Jeff Stryker brought along a friend for the festivities

That madcap Miss Richfield, 1981 was hilarious as usual

And what drag parade would be complete without "Cher"?

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