Monday, March 07, 2011

Not hearing much about this are we? But then... Ewwwww!

D.C. Unmasked & Undressed, the memoir of Lillian McEwen, a former judge and ex-girlfriend of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, hits the shelves March 5. But, as the author told the AFRO, this book is definitely not for the G-rated crowd.

While the tale chronicles the often painful journey of the writer from the despair of a dysfunctional, abusive home to the travails and triumphs of a Capitol Hill and judicial career, it is a trail marked with sex – lots of it. And Thomas figures prominently – literally and figuratively – in this tale. McEwen gushes over Thomas’ prowess and “fantasy [package],” describing his body as “coffee-bean ... velvet-covered cement.” Ewwww!

He was a “national treasure,” she said, one she shared with other women in ménages à trois and in a voyeuristic pleasure palace. And she described her then-lover as being “easily aroused,” with a “strong interest in pornography.”

I've seen this McEwen woman on TV and she seems to be the genuine article as well as a pretty nice woman. I think that the networks aren't going to touch this hot potato with a 20-foot pole. 

Anyway you might want to look at this. 

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