Friday, August 17, 2012

Fresh Kvetch

Is it me or does anyone else think this is crazy? Last night I went out with my gurlfriends for what turned out to be a delicious dinner at Ross' Grill in Provincetown. I was thinking I'd love some nice cold shrimp so I ordered a shrimp cocktail. The waitress told me that the $3 a pop shrimp were "peel-and-eat". Now I am not averse to peeling shrimp. In my culinary career I have peeled my share of the buggers but if I am out for a nice dinner, I really don't feel like getting up after the appetizer, washing my hands and smelling fragrant soap for the rest of the meal, nor do I want my fingers to smell of shrimp the rest of the meal. For $3 a shrimp they should peel the damn things, don't you think?

Just for the record I had a different appetizer, Calamari with a delicious soy-sesame dipping sauce, and for dinner I had Seared Scallops with citrus beurre blanc and chive oil on a risotto cake which was fantastic.

I do love eating at Ross'. I just wish they'd peel the shrimp for you.

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