Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newspaper editorial boards react to Romneys idiocy on Libya

WM Romney R-Douchebag
Thanks to John Aravosis for this list:

NYT: "An extraordinary lack of presidential character"
Washington Post: "A discredit to his campaign"
Los Angeles Times: "An outrageous exercise in opportunism."
Boston Globe: “His statement was offensive on many other levels…Romney’s actions raise more doubts about himself than Obama.”
Philadelphia Inquirer: “Mitt Romney didn't wait for expert assessments to use the four diplomats' deaths to launch his own verbal assault.”
Miami Herald: “Profoundly inappropriate”
Tampa Bay Times: “The Republican nominee continued to exploit the situation”
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Prematurely lobbed off-base criticism”
Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Mitt Romney's trigger finger was so quick that he didn't even get it right”
Akron Beacon Journal: “Unfortunately, Mitt Romney chose to ignore the distinction.”
Boulder Daily Camera: “For someone whose campaign has been studded with tone-deafness abroad, this was stunning, undiplomatic and undemocratic rhetoric.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Yes, it was sad and pathetic to see such callous and uninformed statements from politicians who couldn't wait until they had the facts to use an international incident for political gain.”

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