Friday, August 09, 2013

I love watching the Republicans feast on each other

Lindsay Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina, is facing primary challenges due to his support of Immigration reform. Lindsay is such an asshole that I am really enjoying the infighting that is going on. Well, now his challengers have gone "there". From David

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who faces a tough primary from a number of challengers who believe he is too 'liberal' has been 'gay-baited' by one of his opponents. Rumors have been flying for years about the fifty-eight year old Senator has been a 'confirmed bachelor' all his life.
Nancy Mace called the Republican Senator a 'Nancy boy' in a tweet which she then attempted to quickly delete not knowing that once a tweet is sent out it is out there for the public. She should have consulted with Anthony Weiner!
The rumors of Graham's sexuality had become so strong that in 2010 he had to publicly deny that he was gay. Bill Maher even joked that Senator McCain and Senator Graham were secretly lovers since they traveled everywhere together!
In July, The Washington Times reports that Graham is being targeted by a conservative grassroots group. The Carolina Conservatives United says that Graham is too progressive for the folks of the South. Graham has over six million dollars in the bank and at this moment has a comfortable lead in the polls.
A conservative political action committee outs Graham in this video at a speech in Greenville, South Carolina!

All I can say is "As ye sow, so shall ye reap".

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