Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the year photo dump

Have fun!

The age-old problem of what to wear.

And yet we won anyway! Not that there's anything wrong with him...

However, there is something quite wrong with him. A lace parasol with formal wear?

Pizza Hut sure does like Moms!

Can someone explain this to me?

Nothing says classy like a naked, pregnant, tattooed, bleach-tipped, earring-wearing, subtle ass-grab in front of a mystical matte-painting, through a soft focus lens.


Uh, Miss? You dropped something...

This guy has some serious issues.

Air bags inflated!

Your Vulcan plakk tow panties are showing Doll. And.. I never saw anyone on the Enterprise wearing a waste basket on their head.

Forgot our lithium this morning did we?

Wi-Fi bandito

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