Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Food Holidays, continued

Well, the next two Spring Food Holidays have come in rapid succession. On Monday evening our "Gay Gang", as my husband calls us, celebrated St Paddy's Day at The Hyannis Yacht Club with special guest attendees, Anne Levine and Michael Hill. We had simply a hoot of a time. The evening was beautiful, the company was charming and the conversation was "√©tincelant". We have been going out for St. Paddy's Day, off and on, since before I landed on Cape Cod as a permanent resident (over 25 years ago). The dinner at the HYC has turned out to be the best one we have had so that's why we have been coming back. I just want to say that I had just the best time this year because the people there were my dear friends and I love them all. Thanks so much for all of the fun. 

Taken with a panorama app on Michael Hill's iPhone. Anne, Tobin, Buzzy, Me, Bob and Sal
Sorry about the poorly lit, flash photo here. After two scotches it's hard to get a good photo of Corned Beef and Cabbage.
Stay tuned for St. Joseph's Day photos!

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