Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday; New Slide Scanner Edition

Mr B came home last weekend with a slide scanner, which I have been wishing for for some time, and I went right to work. Here are some of the first scanned items. My attorneys are Wynn & Wynn...

Birthday party for Bob at The Bee Hive Tavern, c. 1994

Frenchy at a wedding in Jamestown, RI c. 1987

Sarah Holl's wedding to (I don't remember his name), Dr. Lord's Beach, Dennis.

Mary Kaye Maxwell and Sarah Bassett at Hedge House, Christmas, late 1980's.

Frenchy & Tobin, same Christmas dinner

Cocktail party at David olearcek's. David, Frenchy, David J, Christine, Joanne and Keith Miller

Slumber Party at Frenchy's House Party, 1994. We did Queen Helene facial masks, made fudge, froze our underwear... the works!

Judy Welch mixing up some refreshemnts

Beth Gilmore and Tracey Sossell at our holiday party c. 1993

Kevin Nolan. Same holiday party

Susan, Gina, Mary Bunnie and Chris. Same holiday party

Cilla and Roy Dreier.

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