Tuesday, August 25, 2015

William Cardinal Levada, Former Archbishop of San Francisco, Arrested in Hawai'i for DUI

Cardinal Boozy O'Shitfaced
In what seems to be a "standing head(line)" in the newspapers lately is what you see above. Another holier-than-thou Christianist douchebag, William Cardinal Levada, Former Archbishop of San Francisco has been charged with flying around the Big Island shitfaced in charge of an automobile. The boozebag was vacationing in Hawai'i with a group of "priest friends" according to the Hawai'i Herald Tribune

You may have read that this is the same guy who came to the defense of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, who was stripped of his public duties over his handling of the priest sex abuse crisis in the church, but still allowed to select a new pope, saying some priest abuse victims groups who have criticized Mahony may never be satisfied with the church’s response to the crisis. (Boy these creeps are sickening, aren't they?)

Anyway, Cardinal Levada was last seen playing Amazing Grace on a breathalyzer bag 

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