Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dinner at Castello Pomidoro Last Night

Had a great time at Castello Pomidoro (Sally Tomato's glam pad on Bass River). Bob & Tobin fresh back from their sojourn to Tucson to visit Ronette and the girls out there. They said they had a great time. Sounds like a terrific place to visit. I'll place that locale on the "See Someday" list.

We were actually going to go out for a drive to see the snowfall here on the Cape but decided to just relax at Sally's place. Sally threw together a fabulous meal of a Mediterranean Antipasto and Orchiette alla Salscicce e Broccoli di Rape. It was delicious. We sat around and "chewed the rag" about President "I hate fags" Bush, the "Religious" Right's obsession with gay sex, the cost of snow removal and the phenomenon of "Doorbell Sex" (Don't ask). I think we settled quite a lot of the world's current issues, and came up with a great menu for Superbowl Sunday's Festa di Testosterone. BBQ'ed ribs from St. Louis (which Sally served last year to rave reviews), chili, cornbread, amuse bouches, and a pretty tasty chocolate cake from Martha's Feb issue (I'm making the cake).

The party broke up at around 9:30. Kudos to Sally for a great evening!

Oh yes... I was asked to post this cartoon I saved from the 2004 election campaign.

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