Saturday, February 05, 2005

Now they've Gone Too Far!!

"Focus on the Family". that right-wing nut squad, has gone too far. Now it seems that they've got Dolly Parton in their sights for cutting a song for the Human Rights Campaign's CD "Love Rocks".

To wit:
But Focus on the Family's Melissa Fryrear (who could make up a name like that?), a former lesbian (yeah... right), said the CD's use of the word "love" is deceptive.

"'Love' is one of the Trojan horses for the acceptance of homosexuality," Fryrear, a gender issues analyst, said in an e-mail to Baptist Press. "Gay activists are trying to find an argument that carries emotional weight: 'love,' after all, sounds good to everyone.

"The problem, though, is their definition of 'love' is carefully camouflaged to mean more than Cupid ever meant it to mean. Their definition is meant to mean the acceptance and the celebration of homosexuality."
Who could be angry at Dolly? These people have flipped! Tinkie-Winkie, SpongeBob, Buster the Bunny, and now dear Dolly Parton. Who's next? Lucy & Ethel? Where will it end?

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