Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Independence Day Weekend, Part 2-Saturday July 2nd

Buzzy (my new nickname for my husband) and I didn’t have too much going on Saturday. The neighbors were having a yard sale and there was a stream of cars in front of our house most of the morning. I sat on the patio reading the papers and watching the show.

The Contessa di Pomidori phoned and asked if we wanted to go to the Wequassett Inn for a lobster salad sandwich (which is by far the best on the planet). The sandwich comes with nice crispy fries and homemade ketchup. They also include cole slaw which I never eat as it’s too dry. I have complained about it but to no avail. I had some yellow tomato gazpacho as a starter and iced tea. The view was as always stunning. The Countess was terribly amusing that day and Sassy was managing while we were there. Antoinette was at another table with her husband Brett and her in-laws the conservative Republicans. Brett visited at our table for a few moments and we had a nice “catch-up” conversation. He’s in Puerto Rico working now and comes home every other weekend to see the missus.

After dropping the Countess off we headed home for an afternoon nap. That was a fabulous idea. It was cool and dry and just a terrific thing to do on a lazy afternoon. I was to meet up with Tobe and the Contessa to see War of the Worlds in Hyannis at 7. Got there at 6:30 just to make sure we got a good seat. The movie was OK. I still think the 50’s version with Gene Barry was better, although Spielberg did a great job. I can’t stand that Tom Cruise anymore. His latest antics have sealed that opinion with me. I liked Minority Report, the Missions Impossible, and of course Interview with a Vampire, but he has really snapped lately. Maybe I should just watch him act and not pay any attention to his personal appearances (like the Today Show debacle).

Headed home after the movie as the “girls” didn’t feel like dinner. A pretty terrific day when all is said and done. How about you

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