Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Independence Day Weekend, Part 3 Monday the 4th

Boy, what a beautiful couple of days we have had for the holiday, and today is no exception. We got up late and decided to go to the parade in Hyannis at 4PM. For the better part of the day we just sat on the patio and read the papers, had coffee and relaxed. Button decided to bring the hammock I bought for him up to the patio and in the shade. I told him that the patio was too small for the hammock and the stand, but he wanted it up there. He set it up and laid down on it. I believe that it must’ve been defective because in no time he was sitting square on the floor of the patio. It really was pretty funny seeing him there with both feet up and unable to move. I did get the “Jamby Cam”, as Button calls my little Canon Elph, and took some photos and video. I have made a little video of the whole mess, but I was told that I would be murdered in my sleep if it made it to my web site. I took that as fair warning.

I called Tobin and asked if he wanted to meet us in Hyannis for the parade and he agreed to. I just bought a couple of folding/collapsible chairs from BJ’s Wholesale club in Hyannis, so we brought those along. Once we got there and set up we found ourselves in a really great spot. Nice people around, a great view… perfect. Tobin found us on Main Street and we waited for the parade to start. I reached for the cooler and heard a huge ripping sound. My butt went right through the netting… just like Button on the hammock. It was such poetic justice. I was in hysterics over the hammock and Button laughed his ass off when I went through the chair bottom. We both decided that night to get serious with the dieting.

The parade was fun, but badly run. Long pauses between the participants made it seem like the parade had ended several times. One very neat item though… A local garden center was handing out seed packages instead of throwing candy at the crowd (which I hate). The seed pack I was handed contained seeds for Bachelor Buttons!! I thought that was a fab coincidence.

Once the parade was over, Button and I went to Mattachese (Matt-a-keese) Wharf on Barnstable Harbor for a cold drink before heading home. Beautiful spot and view of the harbor. We decided to just do pizza instead of fighting crowds at the local eateries.

Not too much traffic going “off Cape” on Monday, but the traffic on Tuesday was a nightmare. Cars backed up on the Mid-Cape Highway for 11 miles! Shocking! It has a lot to do with the new “fly-over” that is replacing the Sagamore Rotary. That project should be done next year, hopefully before the summer season starts again.
Hope you had a great 4th of July too.

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