Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nor' Easter Plamegate Blogging

There's a nor' easter being fed by Hurricane Wilma hitting the Cape today. What a nasty day it is. As you can see it's gray, overcast. windy and wet out there. Kinda makes you want to stay home in bed but here I am at the office killing myself.

I'm on the Plamegate Indictment Watch today too. I am really hoping that those filthy bastards in the White House get it royally. The way that they have lied, smeared, cheated, and screwed the American public is a disgraceful example of the perils of a one party hold on the Houses of Congress and the Executive Branch. There is no accountability and since politicians are basically out for themselves anyway, without someone keeping an eye on things and keeping the others on the straight and narrow, we have the mess we have today. It would be the same if it were all Democrats in the same position too. This simply does not work.

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