Friday, October 28, 2005

Ugh! Friday Morning Free-Associating

I cannot wait to get out of here (the office) today. Even though it is a gloomy day with rain on the way tomorrow, I just want today to be over. Halloween is coming up on Monday. No costume for me but I do have to put out the large, cheap plastic pumpkin with the light inside just to drive Buzzy nuts. He hates that thing.

Holly (my colleague at work) has brought us all Halloween cupcakes in today. Yum. No one I know makes cupcakes any more. (Forgive my free-associating today.)

I'm also on the PlameGate Indictment watch today. Maybe the Times will be wrong and Rove will be indicted today too. If there is any justice, that creature will go to jail along with the rest of those people in Washington responsible for the war in Iraq.

More later.

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